30 Minutes Simple Cardio That You Can Do In Your Room

First of all, you’re going to want to understand why cardio should be a part of your life. In the same way, you prioritize brushing your teeth and washing your face for the sake of a healthy mouth and well-functioning skin, you should also be making time to get your blood pumping for the sake of a healthy heart. You can still squeeze in a solid cardio workout at home. All you need is a little room to move—and the ability to push yourself, just enough so your heart starts pumping and the sweat starts flowing.

Squat Thrust

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Ensure you keep both feet together and knees between your elbows as you jump forwards. As you jump back brace your core muscles and don’t allow your hips to sag. This bodyweight exercise will challenge your mobility, leg strength, cardio, and abs. Again this bodyweight exercise can be performed with sliders underneath the feet to eliminate the impact for beginners.


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From a standing position sit down deep into the squat position and place your hands on the floor. Next, jump both feet back and forwards just like the Squat Thrust. Finally, stand up and push the hips forwards. Always ensure that you finish standing tall with the buttocks tight. You can add a jump at the top and push-ups at the bottom if you wish.

High Knees

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A powerful bodyweight exercise for cardio that gets the heart rate up fast. From a standing position sprint on the spot lifting the knees as high as possible. Use the arms at the same time to really pump the body and get momentum. You will need to ensure that your calf muscles are nice and warm before performing this exercise. A great exercise for cardio to partner with the burpee, try 20 seconds of high knees followed by 10 burpees for 3-8 rounds.

Jump Squats

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Very demanding for the legs and buttocks as well as the heart and lungs. Perform a regular squat ensuring your thighs go down to at least parallel with the floor. Next, explode from the bottom of the Squat and into the air. Try to jump as high as possible pushing the ground away from you. Land back down with soft knees and immediately drop back into the squat and repeat.

Tuck Jumps

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A very advanced bodyweight exercise for cardio that will have you breathing heavily in no time. From a standing position jump up into the air and quickly tuck your knees up to your chest before returning your leg back down ready for landing. You will need to use your arms for momentum to drive you into the air. Try performing 10 Tuck Jumps followed by 30 seconds of Fast Mountain Climbers, repeat 3-8 rounds.

Ensure you have a good cardio base before attempting this exercise. All of these bodyweight cardio exercises are very demanding so start off slow and build up gradually.

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