4 Healthy Homemade Pancakes Ideas

Almost every country has to know pancakes. Pancakes are basically made from flour, eggs, sugar, and milk. Usually, pancakes are eaten as breakfast or dessert. Pancakes are easy to make at home. The ingredients can be mixed as we want. But the usual pancakes are high in calories and carbs. You can start to make your own healthy pancakes at home. Here are 4 healthy pancakes recommendation you can try at home,

Healthy Pumpkin Pancakes

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Pumpkin is a plump, nutritious orange vegetable, and highly nutrient-dense food. It is low in calories but rich in vitamins and minerals. It also contains beta carotene which reduces the risk of cancer, asthma, and heart diseases.

Banana Pancakes

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Bananas are the among world’s popular fruits. They are grown in many warm parts of the world. Bananas contain fiber, carbs, mineral, potassium, and etc. It has benefits for lowering blood sugar levels, improve digestion, and aids weight loss.

Healthy Apple Carrot Pancakes

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Apples are also one of the popular fruits in the world. Apples are low in sodium, fat, and cholesterol. They don’t offer protein, but apples are a good source of vitamin C and fiber. Apples help reduce the risk of cancer, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and several other conditions. And for carrots, it contains fiber, carbs, protein, and vitamin A which helps to lower your risk of cancer, promotes eye health, and prevents hearth problems.

Apple Cinnamon Oat Pancakes

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In the previous part, we already talk about apples’ benefits. Next is cinnamon, some studies have suggested that the compounds in cinnamon have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antidiabetic, and antimicrobial properties and that they might offer protection from cancer and cardiovascular disease, among other conditions. However, more evidence is needed to confirm cinnamon’s benefits.

Those are the healthy pancakes you should try at home. The healthy ingredients result in a healthy product. You can reduce sugar in your pancakes. Sugar content in the fruits will help to make your pancakes sweet or you can add honey. Use your spare time to try these recipes and feel the difference taste healthy pancakes.

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