5 Low-Cal Dinner Ideas You Must Try

You are starving for dinner but also you are afraid of gaining weight? Making a low calories dinner is rather easy. Instead of buying food in the restaurant or order delivery service food, it is better to cook your own dinner for better taste. You can control the ingredients and the seasoning in your meal. Actually, it is okay if we eat our dinner if we are on diet. The exact time of dinner should be managed. You may dinner at the time range of 6.30 pm to 8 pm or 3 hours before sleep. So, here we suggest the menu you might try at home.

Korean Bibimbap

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This dish is one of the famous Korean food. This recipe isn’t quick and easy, it takes some time to make. But if you’re really in a rush you can make a great bibimbap with the soybean sprouts, spinach, and carrot (or red bell pepper, or both), and gochujang, sesame oil, and an egg. These days, gochujang is easy to find in supermarket. You just need to boil the vegetables. For additional meat, you can grill the meat or boil it.

Slow Cooker Chicken Enchiladas

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Next dish is made from chicken. If you have the time, we like using skin-on, bone-in chicken breasts to make it fresh. You’ll remove the skin before you shred them – so don’t worry about any added fat there. Using this type of chicken breast really results in the juiciest chicken. You can absolutely use boneless skinless chicken breasts if that’s all you can find, but do keep an eye on the cooking time so they don’t dry out. For additional vegetables, you can add cabbage and carrot slices thickly.

Turkey Cutlets With Quinoa Pilaf

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Have you ever try turkey meat? This combination of turkey cutlets with quinoa will make it perfect. Quinoa makes a delicious pilaf and pairs perfectly with our flavorful turkey cutlets. Healthy quinoa foods are a great substitute for meals that typically feature rice or pasta. These nutritious quinoa cutlets taste great and are one of the healthiest pairings available for dinner. You might combine the grilled turkey with boiled potato for lower calories.

Chicken Thighs Mushroom Sauce

Source: momsecrets.co

Chicken with mushroom is such a great combination. This combination use mushroom as the sauce. Protein content in the chicken will make your stomach fuller. You can sleep tight at night!

Baked Sweet And Sour Chicken

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Last is still about chicken as the main ingredient. The chicken in this dish is baked so the calories will be less. You can combine with another vegetables beside paprika. The right portion will make your stomach full as you don’t worry because of gaining weight.

You don’t have to be worry for your dinner. If you eat right, your weight will still in the safe range. The key is manage what you eat and what time you gonna eat. Eat your dinner 3 hours before go to bed for your own healthy.

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