5 Uses Of Baby Powder For Daily Life

Baby powder is one of the products that are not only important for babies, but also for adults, especially women. The texture is soft, irritation-free and the aroma of baby powder is soft makes many adults like it. Baby powder has many benefits, especially for beauty. Here are several uses of baby powder that you might don’t know.

For Last Longer Makeup


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After using various make-up on the face, sweep the face using a brush with a little baby powder. This will provide a longer and better endurance for your make up especially if you are active all-day

Not only makeup, but you can also make lasting lipstick by sprinkling powder on the lips. The way to pat baby powder using a sponge after using lipstick. Repeat the use of lipstick again so that the color is more intense.

Cure Skin Irritation

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Baby powder basically can cool the skin. No exception for our skin affected by burns or irritated skin. Sprinkle a little powder on the irritated skin will help the skin more comfortable.

For Dry Shampoo

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Fluffy hair can make the mood instantly damaged, especially if you want to quickly travel to important events. If the hair looks dull, you can try sprinkling a little baby powder on the scalp.

Its function is almost similar to dry shampoo which will attract oil in the hair and give the effect of more fluffy hair. It even gives a sweet fragrance to the hair. You can also add cinnamon to the baby powder mixture if you don’t want your hair to look white.

For Comfortable Sleep

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Sweating and heat can make it difficult for you to sleep at night. You don’t need to always use AC, just use baby powder to reduce the heat. Sprinkle baby powder into each fold of the body to help absorb sweat and soothe. You will feel more comfortable and will fall asleep.

For Moisture Skin

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This usually occurs on the heel of the foot that is dry and cracked; apply baby powder on that part so that the skin is softer. Baby powder formula will absorb sweat and odor in the armpits or feet.

Those are the uses of baby powder that you might don’t know. Baby powder is not only for babies but adults need it too. The fragrant of baby powder is also relaxing so almost all people love it.

Noval Vexecyn

Noval Vexecyn