6 Amazing Frittatas Ideas For Daily Breakfast Menu

How are you gonna prepare your breakfast? Most of the meal prep can be done ahead of time, they tend to be shockingly easy, and they have a fabulous visual and culinary effect. Perfect as they are for breakfast, knowing how to make a decent frittata will also serve you well if you want to turn ho-hum leftovers into a whole new breakfast menu. Here is a list of ideas!

Asparagus Mushroom Tomato Frittata

Source: boozyoyster.com

This frittata is loaded with mushrooms, potatoes, asparagus, and tomatoes—so plenty of vegetables. Eggs, bacon, and Parmesan cheese provide the protein and extra flavor. Feel free to use regular bacon instead of the turkey bacon listed on this delicious asparagus mushroom tomato frittata.

Egg White Frittata

Source: trimmedandtoned.com

With breakfast being such an important part of the morning, the right meal choice makes all the difference. Spinach, broccoli florets, cherry tomatoes, and plenty of basil are held together with egg whites in this no-yolk egg white frittata recipe. Add the optional Parmesan cheese for a nice kick of salty flavor.

Cheesy Frittata

Source: addstream.tv

This frittata recipe features spinach, bacon, and cheddar cheese. It’s perfect for holiday brunches or other special occasions—even dinner. For this 8-egg frittata, a 10-inch skillet should be about right. But any other large skillet that is safe for both stovetop and oven should be fine.

Pasta Basil Frittata

Source: cupofjo.com

Leftover pasta cooks up beautifully when surrounded by yummy eggs. It may sound odd, but it’s tasty enough to go ahead and boil up some pasta to have on hand just to put in this pasta basil frittata. Serve this easy recipe with a green salad and some iced tea for a great meal.

Pepper Shallot Mushroom Frittata

Source: lastingredient.com

Shallots and peppers add extra flavor, but sautéed mushrooms are the real stars in this easy pepper shallot mushroom frittata. Perfect on its own, with a side of toast or cinnamon rolls, or even some bacon or sausage. Use this recipe as a template to create your own frittata creations, adding a combination of your favorite vegetables, herbs, and meats.

Broccoli Cauliflower Frittata

Source: andiemitchell.com

The combination of cauliflower, broccoli, onion, and garlic, cooked until tender in a frittata topped with tons of cheese is just spectacular. Broccoli and cauliflower bring their bold, nutty flavors together in this simple frittata full of fiber, vitamins, and flavor. Cooked pasta adds body. Thyme leaves give it that herbal edge. And plenty of provolone cheese keeps things deliciously melty for this broccoli cauliflower frittata.

The flavor combinations are pretty much endless—simple frittatas of just eggs and cheese are nothing to sneeze at, but concoctions full of vegetables and shrimp, toasted bread cubes, or cooked pasta are all worth exploring. Find the perfect frittata for your next breakfast!

Noval Vexecyn

Noval Vexecyn