6 Creative Handmade Soap Ideas That Easy For Beginners

For many people, soap is a regular part of their personal hygiene routine. It’s useful for removing sweat and dirt from the skin. There are plenty of options to buy in stores, but it’s also possible to make soap at home. Making a mild soap is fun and cost-effective. Handmade soap is not only therapeutic and fun to make, but it’s a great way to infuse the healing properties of plants into something that touches our skin daily. You can also choose the ingredients and scents based on your preferences.

A Fresh Citrus Soap

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This melt and pour soap recipe is simple since it’s pre-mixed, but with a little customization, it becomes an artisan item. Dried citrus slices are key because they aren’t fresh, but they do have quite a refreshing scent. The slices are heavy, so add them after the base has cooled down slightly so it’s not as thin and watery or else the slices will fall to the bottom of the mold. For this recipe, find a goat’s milk melt and pour base, then add citrus essential oil and dried orange slices.

Fun Exfoliating Loofah Soap

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Who says you can’t be creative with a melt and pour soap base? Loofah soaps are easy to make with this technique. Melt the base, add extras, and cut the loofahs in the color of your choice so they fit in the mold. Then pour the soap on top of the loofah. If you’re making a rose soap, add rose essential oil and a bit of rose mica colorant to your base.

Tea Time Soap

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Once this homemade green tea and lemongrass soap is ready to use, the fragrance will make you feel like you just stepped into a spa. To might be able to make this simple soap with items you already have in your kitchen pantry. For instance, this soap is made with steeped green tea leaves. Add eucalyptus and lemongrass oil for an extra fresh and healing fragrance.

Handmade Bath Bombs

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There’s nothing like a long, warm, fizzy bath at the end of the day! And there’s something even better about knowing that you made those fizzy bath bombs with your own two hands. Bath bombs can be a fun indulgence or a great gift, and with this simple tutorial, you can make them in batches to use or to share. Once you get the hang of this simple technique, you can customize your creations with various shapes, sizes, colors, and scents to really get creative.

Carved Crystal Soap

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These beautiful, magically shaped soaps also sparkle because of the mica and glitter additives. The beauty of this soap recipe is that it embraces imperfection. Every crystal is supposed to look lopsided when they’re cut. This recipe is a bit involved, but if you love the look of small crystals and clusters of gemstones in the shape of soap, this is a perfect project.

A Pure Honey of a Soap

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This soap recipe is so simple that it only requires four main ingredients, including a goat’s milk melt and pour base, raw honey, soap colorant, and fragrance. Honey in any soap naturally benefits skin thanks to its antibacterial properties that can also brighten up a dull complexion. For the most charming milk and honey soap, use a honeycomb mold.

The basic version is amazing, and what’s even better is that you can easily customize it to suit your tastes. You can combine all the foamy fun of store-bought soap with the benefits of herbs and the comfort of knowing that you are using a very safe product.

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