6 Delicious Things To Do With Leftover Mashed Potato

Not everyone loves to eat leftovers reheated in their original form. After a big family get-together or holiday, you may find yourself with a vat of leftover mashed potatoes and diners resistant to enjoying them as is. Turn those leftover mashed potatoes into soups, patties, doughnuts, and more. No one will turn up their noses at leftovers again.

Crispy Potato Patties

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Form those leftovers into crispy potato patties. Adding Parmesan cheese creates a nutty, creamy, cheesy side dish for meatloaf, steak, or any other protein. They also work great as a breakfast dish or snack. You can even sneak in some extra grated veggies or mashed cauliflower for added nutrients, and no one will know the difference.

Stuffing Waffle Grilled Cheese

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Grab your waffle iron and make waffles out of stuffing for this unique and super-filling sandwich. Fill it with leftover mashed potatoes, your favorite cheese, and cranberry jelly. If you don’t have leftover stuffing, make a fresh box, or use regular bread for a slightly different taste.

Cheddar Mashed Potato and Ham Bake

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If you also have leftover ham, this hearty casserole makes a great next-day dinner. Diced ham, veggies, cheddar cheese, and leftover potatoes come together in a filling casserole that can adapt to whatever you have on hand. Substitute the ham for chicken or turkey, add a bag of frozen vegetables, or switch out the cheese for a different take.

Traditional Colcannon

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Make colcannon by adding shredded cabbage and onion to your leftover mashed potatoes. The recipe’s traditional Irish flavor will disguise them as an entirely new dish. Sprinkle a little hot sauce on top to give it extra zing, or serve it with sausages for a take on bangers and mash.

Mashed Potato Doughnuts

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Oddly enough, mashed potatoes make excellent doughnuts. They produce a lovely, tender dough that tastes great when rolled in cinnamon sugar or powdered sugar. Use plain mashed potatoes that don’t have any butter, oil, or other spices to ensure the doughnuts don’t come out with a funny flavor.

Turkey and Mashed Potato Croquettes

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Pull out the leftover turkey, stuffing, potatoes, and even gravy for these tasty croquettes. It can easily clear the fridge after the big meal. Serve them with the gravy or cranberry sauce for dipping. You can even freeze them for later use if your family needs a little break from Thanksgiving flavors.

See? Many ideas on how to transform and re-purpose those leftover potatoes, whether they’re leftover baked potatoes or leftover mashed, oven-roasted, boiled, or sweet potatoes. The recipes above can be made with either, so try them all!

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