6 Easy One-Serving Brunch Deviled Eggs For Weekend Menu

Deviled eggs are one of America’s best-loved snacks. Take a tray full of deviled eggs to a party and watch it quickly disappear. Even if you don’t have a specialty egg platter with wells for the eggs, you can still make a special presentation. Line a large platter with kale or lettuce leaves. Or you can follow the recipes ideas above for various deviled eggs fillings!

Classic Deviled Eggs

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The filling for these simple, classic deviled eggs is the perfect combination of mayonnaise, seasoned salt, and a touch of prepared mustard. Use a Creole seasoning blend in place of the seasoned salt for a little extra zing. Garnish the eggs with paprika and some pickle or olive slices.

Dilly Deviled Eggs

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These delicious dilly deviled eggs contain a dill trifecta: chopped dill pickle, dried dill, and dill pickle juice. Some mayonnaise and a little mustard bring the filling together perfectly. Top these eggs with some sweet paprika or a little more dillweed.

Guacamole Deviled Eggs

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These guacamole deviled eggs have no mayonnaise and get their creaminess from mashed avocado. What a fun canapé this would make for Cinco de Mayo or any South of the Border-themed party. Give them a kick by adding some jalapeno or keep it simple and kid-friendly by leaving it out—either way, these little babies are sure to please and will be gobbled up quickly.

Deviled Eggs With Mayonnaise and Mustard

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These everyday deviled eggs contain a mixture of yellow mustard, relish, and mayonnaise. Arrange the deviled eggs on a bed of kale or curly lettuce and add grape tomatoes and olives for snacking. These simple, classic deviled eggs are flavored with sweet relish and a little mustard. Add as much or as little mayonnaise as you like.

Horseradish Deviled Eggs

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Horseradish adds heat and flavor to these zesty deviled eggs. A dash of hot sauce and a bit of Dijon mustard adds to the flavor. Top these snacks off with some chopped chives or a sprinkling of sweet or smoked paprika. Deviled eggs are a party classic, and this version makes a great change of routine. The addition of horseradish to the filling gives these eggs a spicy twist.

Spanish-Style Deviled Eggs

Source: awayfromthebox.com

Tomato sauce adds zesty Spanish flavor to the filling in these Spanish deviled eggs, and they look particularly “devilish” with the red color of the yolk mixture. Finish them off with some chopped fresh chives and sliced cherry tomatoes.

Give extra color, add some large ripe olives and grape tomatoes to the platter. For the very best deviled eggs, start with eggs that are fairly close to their expiration date. If eggs are too fresh, they can be difficult to peel cleanly, and you want all of your eggs to be perfect!

Noval Vexecyn

Noval Vexecyn