6 Effective Yoga Poses For Back Pain Relief

Have you ever feel back pain? There are many causes of back pain. Sitting on the chair for hours and doing the bad habit for your back is a common cause of back pain. The most natural back pain relief is yoga. Since yoga is a safer alternative than taking painkiller pills. Try these simple yoga poses for back pain.

Locust Pose

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This pose is very good for strengthening the back muscles, waist, and buttocks. If the back and waist are strong, then the possibility of experiencing back pain will be reduced. Perform this position when you want to relieve your back pain

Bridge Pose

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This pose is very good for strengthening the lower back muscles, lower thighs, and buttocks. Do this pose properly to help reduce your back pain.

Cat-Cow Pose

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This pose is good for the spine and waist because of the back arching movement down and up. Best done every morning if you experience back pain when you wake up.

Camel Pose

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This yoga pose is not easy to do for people with lower back pain, especially if you force yourself to touch your heels. Fortunately, there are some modifications so that Camel Pose is still safe to practice such as tuck your toes under.

Put some blocks outside the shin or lower leg of the front side (shin), pressing your pelvis towards the front
Pressing the block placed between the two inner thighs above. So that the body can be raised higher, try to arch your toes under the block.

Seated Forward Fold

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Use the soles of the feet/flex feet and better get your chest close to the front of your feet. This position is good for opening the lower waist and relieving stiff muscles and pain. You can do this pose while standing or sitting.

Cobra Pose

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This Yoga pose that can open the chest muscles can also apparently suppress the lower back, especially if the upper back muscles are also stiff. Actually there are many modifications that can be done to prevent lower back pain when doing Cobra Pose.

Lie with your stomach below. Position your forearms on the mat so that your elbows are under each shoulder. With the help of your feet, keep your lower back stable when your chest is in a raised position.

Those are several yoga poses to fix your back pain. If you have busy days, do these yoga poses at the weekend and feel the difference in the next week. Relieving pain in a natural way always needs more time.

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