6 Fabulous Non Alcoholic Fall Drinks For All Family Members

With the fall season right around the corner, you may be wondering what kind of non-alcoholic drinks you can serve at a party or a night in with friends. Delicious, healthy beverages that feature all the wonderful flavors of the season. Drink to your heart’s content with these wonderful season sips. Here are non-alcoholic fall drink recipes that you should definitely try!

Citrus Peach Cooler

Source: thepeachkitchen.com

If you’re abstaining from boozy drinks, there is a whole host of seasonal fruit available to turn into pretty punches.  Try this citrus peach cooler. Grapefruit, pomelo, and clementines are in season during the winter months, but we particularly like blood oranges. They have a very short season towards the end of winter but make the most of their deep red flesh while you can. Showcase them in our drivers’ punch for a healthy glassful of flavor.

Homemade Cordial

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Try to use whatever is seasonal and for a basic mix, combine with just sugar and water. Elderflower works well and can often be foraged – just make sure you shake off the bugs or try seasonal berries. Provided they’re stored in sterilized jars, cordials can last several months in the fridge.

Mulled Apple Juice

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Often the reserve of festive revelry, the process of mulling works with a wide range of base drinks. Try using apple or pear juice and spice to taste – a touch of citrus, cinnamon and a sweetener such as honey or agave should do the trick.

Non-Alcoholic Tropical Fizz

Source: mommyhatescooking.com

Put tinned fruit to good use in this sparkling quencher with kiwi, strawberries, and pineapple. Find yourself a good tropical fruit juice as a base – or if you have a juicer to hand, you could try making your own with anything from mango and lychees to fresh passion fruit.

Apple, Elderflower & Mint Sparkle

Source: thenoshery.com

Use up your homemade elderflower cordial in a simple blend with apple juice, fresh mint, and a little soda water. Use a different cordial if you like, and if you can’t get hold of mint, swap it for fresh rosemary.

Homemade Lemonade And Limeade

Source: ideas.evite.com

Ditch shop-bought lemonade for a cloudy homemade alternative. The flavor combinations are endless, try adding a whole range of seasonal berries for a colorful non-alcoholic glassful. Lime makes for a tangy drop – blend the limes whole into a pulp and combine with soda water. This recipe works with vodka or rum if you’re catering for those who fancy a tipple.

There’s nothing quite like sipping on something hot, sweet, and comforting when the weather starts to get cold. During the fall months, there’s hardly ever a time you want some sort of warm drink in your hand. They are so soothing and make me feel so warm all over.

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