6 Mexican Treats That Pump Up The Mood For A Whole Day

There are some foods you can eat that may help lower the severity of your bad mood, mostly due to their brain-boosting properties. Whether you’re throwing a fiesta and want an authentic dessert table, need to bring a unique sweet treat to a get-together, or just feel like making a delicious finale for a Mexican dinner, have we got the perfect desserts or sweet treats for you.

Traditional Flan Custard

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Creamy, caramel-topped flan dates all the way back to the Roman Empire. When Spain invaded Mexico in the 1500s, a lot of their cuisine made its way into the Mexican diet, including this now-classic dessert.

Tres Leches Pastel

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Tres leches pastel gets its name from the three glasses of milk used in the recipe: evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk, and heavy cream. The fluffy cake gets soaked in the creamy sauce, giving it a dense richness that’s actually more like a custard than a traditional cake. Serve it with coffee for a lovely contrast.

Mexican Churros

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Churros are sometimes called Mexican doughnuts since they’re made using a very similar technique. Pipe these cinnamon sugar-coated sticks from a bag topped with a star tip, then fry them until golden and roll in cinnamon sugar for a sweet treat that’s often served with dulce de leche or Mexican chocolate sauce for dipping. Enjoy them warm and just try not to go back for seconds!

Vegan Mexican Chocolate Cake

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A slice of this Mexican chocolate cake fits is a wonderful vegan dessert. Cinnamon and cayenne pepper pull some Mexican flavors into this fluffy dessert, while the lack of dairy makes it low in cholesterol, too. Try it with some vegan ice cream on top for a real treat.

Pan de Muerto

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Give this rich, buttery sweet bread a try for Dia de Los Muertos, or the Day of the Dead, or any time you need a light dessert or brunch treat. Many variations on the flavor and shape exist, but this is the classic presentation. Many people buy theirs from a bakery nowadays, but it’s easy enough to make at home, too.

Arroz con Leche

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This Mexican rice pudding tastes great on a cold day, or any time you need a lightly spiced, sweet dessert to round out your meal. Cinnamon gives it a nice flavor, but you can add other spices or raisins if you like. Soak them in water before using if you do, to give them pleasing plumpness.

Eating the right sweet treats are believed to lit up the mood easily. A good mood will bring you to great work a whole day. You can try a traditional or a creative recipe for a fun way to mix it up at the end of your meal.

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