6 Refreshing Bubbly Beverages To Provide On 4th July Celebration

There’s no easy way to say this, but if you were planning on popping sparkling bottles and mixing sweet mimosas with the sparkling wine on 4th July, you might have to make a new plan. As we shed our bulky clothes for something lighter, so too should your drinks! Put down the heavy cocktail or mocktail, and keep things fun and bubbly with things like a refreshing, sparkling cucumber cooler or a non-alcoholic strawberry and basil soda.

Simple Grape Fruit Soda

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Forget guzzling down liters of high-fructose corn syrup-laced sodas! This hydrating Simple Grapefruit Soda relies on a bit of seltzer, ice, and a few squeezes of pink grapefruit for that same bubbly effect. It only takes five minutes to mix up—great for impressing last-minute guests.

Sparkling Strawberry Basil Limeade

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Anything with “sparkling” in the title is a solid pick when you’re craving a swig of something thirst-quenching. The strawberries and lime give it a tart, springy taste, while the basil keeps it from feeling too zesty. Plus, strawberries are full of good-for-you fiber.

White Peach-Lavender Soda

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It tastes sweet and peachy-keen and has just the barest breath of lavender to make things interesting. It’s fresh and fizzy, especially on the hot afternoons we’ve been having the past week. Also, it’s extremely good with a shot of gin. Feel free to substitute white nectarines, yellow peaches, or yellow nectarines for the fruit in this recipe.

Pomegranate And Ginger Spritzer

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Top if off with a splash of ice-cold mineral water to make this healthy drink to the next level. If you didn’t already know, ginger aids in digestion and stops bloating. Pomegranates are a fairly inconsistent fruit in terms of taste. Sometimes the seeds are awesome and burst in your mouth and dissipate. Other times they seem to have more fibers in the seeds, and land up being a bit chewy after they have busted. Sometimes they are sweeter, and sometimes they can be bitter.

Sparkling Raspberry Lemonade

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Tart and refreshing, this sparkling raspberry lemonade is an awesome festive drink for entertaining! Made with plenty of fresh berries, it’s the perfect way to put those summer raspberries to good use. Dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan. Like baseball and grilling, lemonade is a summertime staple. With the addition of fresh raspberries and cold sparkling water, this on a tried-and-true classic is at once sweet, tart, and incredibly addicting.

Sparkling Blood Orange Rosemary Water

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This rosemary water as a drink for our vegetarian brunch menu. Blood orange juice has the most beautiful electric pink hue, which made it look stunning next to the other brunch items. It could also work as a sort of mocktail. Sparkling water recipes are our favorite for making drinks delicious without adding lots of calories or sugar.

So, you don’t always need a cocktail to refresh your summer. You can make some refreshing beverages from bubble or sparkling water that safe to drink with all your family members including your kids. Mix with pieces of fresh fruits just makes better!

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