6 Top Ginger Smoothies Combination Ideas

Today we understand a lot more about the power of this wonderful spice, and why it held such high esteem in the ancient world not only for its fantastic flavor but also for its medicinal properties.

Exceedingly low in calories and rich in vitamins and minerals. Ginger provides fiber, high amounts of manganese and magnesium, and good amounts of phosphorus, calcium, iron, potassium, and zinc. Ginger is also a rich source of B-complex compounds, vitamins C and E. Its vitamin C content is the reason ancient voyagers carried this spice with them, to avoid scurvy. So, it sounds healthier if you add some ginger to your smoothies. Here are the ideas of putting ginger in your smoothies.

Turmeric Banana Smoothie With Ginger

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This Turmeric Banana Smoothie with Ginger is the ideal Spring enlivened smoothie – new, bright, and above all, scrumptious. The nectar and vanilla assistance balance the heat of the turmeric, ginger, and cinnamon, while the hemp seeds include a touch of protein and fiber to give you vitality. At that point obviously, there are the bananas, the ideal base for any smoothie.

Mango Ginger Smoothie

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Mango Smoothie is an easy, healthy, dairy-free smoothie made with frozen mango and fresh ginger. Frozen chunks of mango blended until creamy with orange juice and brought to life with freshly grated ginger. The spiciness of the fresh ginger really “wakes” the flavors up in the smoothie. Not to mention ginger is so good for you.

Grapefruit Ginger Smoothie

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This immune-boosting Grapefruit Ginger Smoothie is perfect for waking up your body and energizing. It’s creamy and packed with beautiful citrus flavor, added sugar-free and great for after Holiday detox. This super tasty, creamy, refreshing Grapefruit Ginger Smoothie that is bursting with citrus flavor and superfoods.

Pineapple Ginger Smoothie

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It had a lot of fruit and healthfulness going on, but the outstanding factor by far was the ginger. Fresh ginger. In a smoothie. There are a lot of high-sugar fruits in here, but that’s fruit sugar, which is entirely different than granulated sugar.

Ginger Pumpkin Smoothie

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Packed with pumpkin, cashews and coconut milk, it’ll keep you full and please your taste buds. This pumpkin smoothie is a tasty combination of ginger and pumpkin. Think of it as a pumpkin smoothie with a little extra zing. Rather than using a banana as the base, you may use cashews instead.

Sweet Kale, Apple, Ginger+Lemon Juice Smoothies

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The apples, ginger, and lemon were a perfect addition to this kale juice. The ginger and lemon will help ward off any of those germs being passed around this season. This is a very refreshing combination and also a healthy sip for every time you drink it.

Just as little as a ‘thumb-sized’ portion could not only warm you up on a chilly day, but also protect you from infection, inflammation, and pain. Your smoothies might taste different if you add ginger inside. But you will feel the benefits as soon as you drink it.

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