6 Vegetarian Steak That Tasted Like Meat And Satisfies Your Appetite

Do vegans still eat steak for their meals? But that’s definitely not the case with these meat-free vegetable “steak” recipes, which swap red meat for a hearty piece of broccoli, daikon (a mild Asian radish), mushrooms, cabbage, beets, or eggplant to mimic the textures of traditional meat dishes. Each of these veggie steak recipes is packed with flavor, thanks to delicious sauces and sides, such as glass noodles and tapenade. The result? Savory, satisfying meals with a lot less cholesterol and saturated fat, so you can fill up on important nutrients your body needs without feeling like you’re missing out by skipping the sirloin.

Eggplant Steaks With Tapenade

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The rich flavor of eggplant really shines in this grilled dish. No grill to prepare the eggplant steaks? No problem: just place them on grates over moderate heat, 2 to 4 minutes per side, and you’ll get the same hearty dish. Also good: eggplant packs in lots of fiber, potassium, and vitamin B6.

Broccoli Steaks With Parmesan Bread Crumbs

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Load up on plenty of fiber and disease-fighting phytochemicals with this delicious broccoli steak recipe. By cooking the entire stalk, you’ll reap the nutritional benefits of both the florets and the stem (which isn’t usually the case with most precut or frozen broccoli meals). This recipe also uses French bread crumbs, so the dish feels substantial.

Daikon Steaks With Glass Noodles

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Give your all-veggie main course serious flavor by marinating daikon (an Asian radish) in soy sauce, sake, and ginger. Daikon is a good source of fiber, vitamin C, magnesium, and potassium, so you’ll get lots of good-for-you nutrients while also feeling satisfied.

Grilled Cabbage Steaks with Sauce Gribiche

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Cabbage has a mild flavor, which lets the sauce be the star of the show in this recipe. An egg-based sauce with shallots, lemon juice, capers, and tarragon adds a savory flavor to these steaks. And cabbage offers vitamins K, C, B6, and B1, as well as manganese, fiber, and potassium.

Roasted Beets With Mushroom Bordelaise

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Give beets steak restaurant-inspired flavors with this savory mushroom bordelaise sauce. To make the dish even simpler to prep, roast the beets a day in advance and heat up the medallions when you’re ready to eat them.

Portobello Fajitas

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Satisfy your Mexican food cravings with meat-free mushroom fajitas. Bell peppers and onion up veg factor (and nutrients) to this dish and help provide that authentic fajita flavor. To serve, simply fold the Portobellos into tortillas and top with hot sauce for a dinner dish that will quickly become your new summer go-to.

You don’t need to be a meat-eater to enjoy a gorgeous steak—though it won’t be made of beef. Choose your favorite vegetable above. From charred tofu to thick, juicy cauliflower, and those are our best recipes for satisfying, vegetarian steak stand-ins.

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