Amazing Benefits Of Lemongrass For Health

Lemongrass has a lemon scent but tastes softer and sweeter. Not only is it used as a spice in cooking, but lemongrass can also make drinks from lemongrass, which is lemongrass tea.

The benefits of lemongrass for health are closely related to the nutritional content in it. In addition to making the food and drink taste more delicious, lemongrass also contains various kinds of nutrients the body needs, such as vitamin B, magnesium, potassium and iron.

To get the benefits of lemongrass, you can eat foods or drinks that contain lemongrass. Lemongrass tea not only makes the body feel good from the inside. You can cut lemongrass, put it in boiling water, and leave it for 10-15 minutes. So, what are the benefits that you get from this lemongrass tea? Check it out!

Weight Loss


Lemongrass tea is a great choice for a weight loss diet plan. This is because it helps increase metabolism which makes digestion faster and helps burn more calories. In general, replacing soft drinks and other sugar-sweetened drinks in your diet with herbal teas like lemongrass may help you reach your weight loss goals



There are two main compounds in lemongrass, citral, and geranial, are thought to be responsible for its anti-inflammatory benefits. These compounds are said to help stop the release of certain inflammation-causing markers in your body. You can combine lemongrass tea with ginger to get the best results.

Treat Cough And Flu


Lemongrass has the antibacterial and anti-fungal character that helps overcome colds, coughs, and colds. The content of vitamin C can strengthen the body’s immunity. Boil some fresh lemongrass along with some cloves, a pinch of turmeric and tea leaves.

This simple beverage is effective for breaking up phlegm and phlegm formation. A mixture of lemongrass, Tulsi leaves, and hot cardamom is also a common Ayurvedic medicine for flu.

Treat Cavity


The benefits of lemongrass also contain antimicrobial compounds that are effective in killing Streptococcus mutant bacteria that cause a cavity. Drinking lemongrass tea can relieve mouth infections and cavities.

Reduce Menstrual Pain


Lemongrass tea is considered excellent for women’s health. It provides relief from hot flashes and helps in reducing menstrual pain due to its soothing effect.

Those are several benefits of lemongrass that may help you. Feel the benefits of nature for life. Drink a cup of lemongrass tea for relaxing your mind from your busy days.

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