Avoid These Food To Prevent Acne Growth On Your Face!

The relation between food and acne has always been under debate. While some studies state there is no link between food and acne, other studies claim otherwise. However, it is established that the intake of the right nutrients (or their deficiency) can impact your skin health. Though multiple factors can trigger acne, food can play a major role. Let’s check what are the food to avoid!

Refined Grains And Sugar

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People who consumed a greater amount of carbohydrates get more acne on their faces. Moreover, these with acne also had high amounts of insulin-like growth factor-1 (a hormone that causes high sebum production, which usually peaks during puberty). Food containing refined grains and sugar include White rice, Rice noodles, pasta, and noodles made of white flour, Bread, cereals, cakes, pastries, and cookies made of white flour, Sugary beverages, and Sweeteners such as honey, maple syrup, cane sugar.

Dairy Products

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A study reviewing the high school diet of 47,355 women found a positive connection between acne and intake of whole and skimmed milk. Other dairy products, such as cream cheese and cottage cheese, were also found to cause acne.

Fast Food Or Junk Food

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A study evaluating the prevalence of acne in adolescents found that those with acne lacked healthy dietary habits. The researchers concluded that frequent intake of junk foods like fatty foods, burgers, sausages, cakes, pastries, and sugar might increase the risk of acne or aggravate it.

Caffeine And Alcohol

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Coffee reduces insulin sensitivity. This means your blood sugar levels stay high for a longer period than usual after you drink coffee. This may increase inflammation and worsen your acne. Some people involved the minimal intake of coffee, alcohol, sugar, oils, and dairy products.

Canned Food

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Frozen, canned, and pre-cooked meals can be considered processed foods. These often contain added ingredients, such as sweeteners, oils, spices, and preservatives, which are used as flavorings. Ready-to-eat foods are usually heavily processed and can contribute to acne.

Fried Food

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Potato chips, fries, burgers, and other fried and processed foods can also cause acne. These also include other high-glycemic foods that raise your blood sugar levels quickly, causing inflammatory conditions like acne.

Diet plays a crucial role in maintaining overall skin health. It can be difficult to make dietary changes, but you can always start slow. Try cutting down on junk food and follow a balanced lifestyle to achieve clearer skin.

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