Awesome Vegetable Grill Ideas For This Weekend

Whether you’re 100% vegan and want scrumptious BBQ recipes or you’re an omnivore puzzled at what to serve your non-meat-eating guests, these grilling ideas below will turn your summer soiree into a party that all your friends will enjoy. While most vegans and vegetarians will be grateful that you threw on some delicious in-season veggies onto the grill, you can really amaze them with these recipes.

Grilled Portobello Mushroom Steaks


These Grilled Portobello Mushroom Steaks are perfect for indoor or outdoor grilling. It’s an easy recipe that takes less than 30 minutes from start to finish. The ingredients are fairly simple. You just need 4 large portobello mushrooms and for the marinade, you’ll need balsamic vinegar, tamari, grapeseed oil, vegan Worcestershire sauce, fresh garlic, liquid smoke, granulated onion, salt, and fresh cracked pepper. Grill and enjoy it!

Vegan Teriyaki Grilled Eggplant


Fulfill your teriyaki longings with this light and low-carb flame-broiled eggplant! Immaculate as a vegetarian side dish to match with sautéed food cauliflower-rice or skillet singed tofu, this speedy and basic veggie puts an Asian turn on one of the preferred veggies: the eggplant.

Grilled Avocado & Romaine Caesar Salad


The classic caesar gets a summer twist with grilled romaine and avocado taking center stage. A tangy, garlicky, and creamy hemp-based caesar dressing gets drizzled over top and offers balance and brightness to complement the richly-charred veggies. Grilled romaine and avocado wedges are drizzled with a creamy, tangy, and garlicky caesar.

Mexican Street Corn


Mexican Street Corn is grilled corn on the cob smothered with a creamy spread and then sprinkled with a Mexican cheese topping. It is so easy to make this Mexican corn recipe at home. Just a quick mixture of mayonnaise, sour cream and a few spices does the trick. Traditionally the corn on the cob is grilled first then smothered with the cream.

Grilled Sriracha-Tahini Sweet Potato Skewers With Halloumi


This recipe is the best for a skewer lover but also a vegan. These skewers are a rather large step up from the vegetables. Grilled sweet potatoes are nothing short of amazing and when paired with salty cheese. Make sure you are cooking the skewers on something that is well oiled as the cheese likes to stick. When turning the skewers, use tongs and carefully pull up on the pieces of halloumi before turning.

Garlic Mushroom Kabobs


These kabobs come together so quickly and easily with a simple balsamic marinade. All you need are some pantry herbs. You can serve these as a side or appetizer for any meal. The best and easiest mushrooms ever. It’s so good, you’ll want to make it every single day of the week!

So, which one is your weekend grill plan? Consuming more vegetables is good for you. But sometimes the way we consume vegetables is only boiled or mixed with soup. Grilling the vegetables is good if we can cook the right. Don’t grill the vegetables too long so the nutrition content still inside.

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