Baby Oil Uses To Save Adults Skin

Baby oil is known as a multipurpose oil that is often used for babies. Baby oil is used to massage the baby, cleanse and moisturize the baby’s skin, massage the baby, and also clean the baby’s scalp. Baby oil is safe for use on sensitive babies ‘ skin, so of course, it is also safe for use by adults.

Baby oil is made from mineral oil, which is a derivative of petroleum. Mineral oil has colorless, odorless, and not easily oxidized. Types of mineral oil used for baby oil or other beauty products are refined or refined mineral oils. Here are some of the benefits of baby oil that can be used for adults,

Face Skin Moisturizer


Your facial skin will be moist with frequent use of baby oil. Not only the actual facial skin, but baby oil can also be applied to the entire body. Use baby oil as a body lotion and apply it to the whole body after bathing.

You can also use baby oil as a sleeping mask. Mixed with other natural ingredients such as aloe vera. Baby oil and aloe vera masks are believed to make your face moisturized, smoother, and can also help remove blackheads.

Makeup Cleanser


The benefits of baby oil for the face can also be used to optimally clean makeup. In fact, baby oil can clean up oil-based makeup easily without irritating the skin. Using baby oil as a cleanser also makes the skin feel more moisturized. Pour baby oil into cotton, then rubbing it all over the face. Repeat until there are no residual dirt on the cotton.

Lip Balm


Another benefit of baby oil for the face is to moist the lips. Dry lips not only interfere with appearance but also can be causing the pain. Besides drinking lots of water and avoiding various habits that make lips dry, you can also use baby oil as a solution.

Use baby oil as a lip mask before going to bed. In the morning, you can feel the lips become moister and not easily dry. Do it every day if you have dry lip problems that are severe enough.

Waxing Aid


For some men, shaving their faces must be done routinely to maintain their appearance. Shaving without shaving cream is a bad idea because it can cause irritation to the skin. Don’t worry if you run out of shaving cream, you can also make baby oil as an option.

Apply baby oil before and after shaving in the shaved area. Besides being useful for men who want to shave their faces, of course, baby oil can also be used by women who intend to shave armpit hair or leg hair.

Aids Cracked Skin


Besides softening the skin, the benefit of baby oil is its ability to deal with cracked skin. The cracked skin is caused by irritation, chapped skin that generally occurs in the feet is also caused by dry skin. This baby oil can help moisturize it. Apply the baby oil on the cracked skin at night, then you will find your skin will moister than before.

Reduce Strech Marks


The content of mineral oil, vitamin A and aloe extract contained in several baby oils can repair damaged skin tissue like stretch marks. Apply baby oil before going to sleep on the part of the body that has stretch marks. You can also do this to prevent the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy.

That’s all about the benefits of baby oil which might you don’t know. If you want to get the benefits of baby oil for your face, of course, your treatment must be done routinely, because not all benefits can be seen immediately from one use.

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