Best Summer Beverages For Kids That Refreshing All Day

These summer drinks are a refreshing way for the kids to cool off and a fun cooking activity, too. Just about all of these recipes are easy enough for the kids to make themselves. Try them all, and feel free to mix and match items to create a “signature” drink that kids can share with family and friends!

Orange Creamsicle Smoothies


Have you ever had one of those creamsicles from the ice cream trucks in the summer? This smoothie tastes just like that. It’s sweet and citrusy and creamy and altogether refreshing, like summer in a glass. These refreshing orange creamsicle smoothies taste just like the ice cream bar, but they’re healthy enough to serve for breakfast.

Lemonade Recipe


We may be living in a text-happy, Facebook-loving world, but kids still like to set up lemonade stands. And when they do, they might as well sell the good stuff. This recipe is made with only real lemons, sugar, and water. Feel free to adjust the sweetness of this lemonade recipe by adding more or less sugar to suit your taste. A sprig of fresh mint makes the perfect garnish for this lemonade recipe.

Egg Cream


It’s like a fizzy milkshake, but there’s no need for a blender or ice cream. Instead, New York egg cream is an old-fashioned soda fountain recipe that combines milk, chocolate syrup, and seltzer water. Despite the simplicity, it’s surprisingly delicious. Now you can make your very own creamy, bubbly, and sweet egg cream at home.

Watermelon Smoothie


Nothing says summer quite like sitting on the porch eating watermelon. This smoothie is light and refreshing, and because you’ll freeze the watermelon before making this smoothie, it has a thick and milkshake-like texture. Watermelon smoothies are a bit different from other fruit smoothies since watermelon has extremely high water content. If you don’t know how to make a watermelon smoothie correctly, this can result in a watery smoothie with little flavor.

Oreo Milkshake


Why go out to an expensive ice cream shop for Oreo milkshakes when it is so easy to make them at home. This recipe is also great for a special dessert or even for an after-school snack. With a bit of cookie crunch, rich chocolate sauce, and creamy texture, it’s no wonder that people are so fond of this flavorful Oreo milkshake. Serve with a colorful straw.

Peanut Butter Banana Smoothies


Elvis isn’t the only one who likes the combination of peanut butter, bananas, and honey. This smoothie recipe is thick and rich, like a milkshake. This smoothie will give you tons of energy to keep going all day long. If you don’t have time to freeze the banana slices in advance, just use regular bananas and add more ice. Kids will love it!

While these drinks are kid-friendly, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t serve a mocktail or two at an adult gathering. Many adults prefer not to drink alcohol for a variety of reasons, but that doesn’t mean they should be forced to drink water or nothing!

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