Best Vegan Gourmet Menu Ideas To Eat Elegantly

A vegan or vegetarian meal can include luscious gourmet dishes that are nevertheless easy to prepare. Use these recipes that are suitable for a dinner party or romantic meal for two. Enjoy appetizers, soup, salad, entree, side dishes, and dessert.

Herbed Vegan Mushroom Pate


Serve this Herbed vegan mushroom pate as an appetizer at your cocktail party or with drinks before your gourmet dinner. You can use it to top toasted slices of baguette or your favorite vegan crackers. This vegan herbed mushroom pate recipe is a humane take on more traditional pates, while still serving the same purpose in a delicious way!

Spicy Mango Ginger Soup


You can serve this spicy mango ginger soup in a shot glass as an appetizer or in a bowl as your first course. It’s a raw food recipe packed with flavor that will delight your guests. It’s perfect for a summer dinner party on the patio. Spicy chilies pair well fresh mangoes, and with a bit of ginger for an extra kick, this is a cold soup recipe to keep!

Vegetarian Avocado Caprese Salad


The classic vegetarian avocado Caprese salad gets an update with the addition of avocado. It’s the perfect summer salad when you can get garden-ripe tomatoes and fresh basil. Dress it with olive oil and balsamic vinegar with a bit of sea salt and fresh cracked black pepper, or drizzle it with a bit of honey as a variation. For a vegan version, substitute vegan mozzarella.

Vegetarian Mushroom Risotto With Truffle Oil


Make a show-stopping dinner with this vegetarian gourmet vegetarian mushroom risotto with truffle oil using truffle oil. It pulls no punches with luxury ingredients including whole milk, butter, white wine, cheese, and truffle oil. It’s perfect for a romantic dinner.

Mushroom Wellington


Even the meat-eaters will be clamoring for a taste of this gorgeous vegetarian version of the elegant beef wellington. Puff pastry surrounds a hearty mixture of butternut squash, sweet potato, portobello mushrooms, kale, and faro. Once it is baked until golden brown it served with a light tarragon cream sauce.

Vegan Ratatouille


Ratatouille is a classic flavor-packed veggie-filled dish that makes a lovely main course or a stunning side dish. The key to perfect ratatouille is having evenly sliced vegetables for amazing texture. Serve the finished dish alone or atop a bed of greens, mashed potatoes, pasta, or rice.

You can make an elegant dinner or lunch even if you are a vegan. The various menu above helps you to decide which menu that perfect for elegant dinner even on special occasions. Having a healthy habit is not an obstacle in your life!

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