Best Ways To Use Egg Yolks If You Have Some Leftovers

Egg yolks add a wonderful richness to both sweet and savory dishes, and can also help thicken sauces and give baked goods more body. Whether you have leftover egg yolks from making egg white omelets or whipping up a meringue, try adding some of these recipes to your repertoire to use up the remaining egg.

Swedish Meatballs


An egg yolk and flour thicken up the sauce for these classic Swedish meatballs that taste just like grandma used to make. Use a veal and beef combination for the tender meatballs, or swap out lean pork for one of the proteins. Serve them with mashed potatoes and lingonberry jam, for a traditional supper.

Homemade Mayonnaise


Making homemade mayonnaise doesn’t have to be a major effort, especially with the help of a hand or stand mixer. And the results are well worth the little bit of effort it takes. Using a neutral oil like vegetable will yield a classic mayo flavor, or try swapping in a mix of olive oil and vegetable oil for a richer flavor.

French Rouille Sauce


With its bright yellow color and spicy flavor, rouille sauce tastes like a more flavorful answer to mayonnaise. It pairs beautifully with fish or shrimp and traditionally tops bouillabaisse throughout Provence. Make it at home in minutes with this easy recipe.

Dutch Advocaat


Sweet, fragrant, and decadent, advocaat is the Dutch answer to eggnog. It comes out thick enough to eat with a spoon and also makes a delicious filling for pastries, pies, and cakes. You can also thin it out a bit with cream if you prefer a more American textured nog.

Cafe Au Lait Creme Brulee


Silky and just barely solid, topped with a shatteringly crisp broiled sugar topping, creme brulee now spans the globe as a favorite dessert. This one uses two handfuls of egg yolks, plus strong-brewed espresso for a more assertive flavor and a truly unique take on the traditional French dessert.

Spiced Custard Sauce


The perfect complement to your Christmas pudding, or sweet quick bread, this spiced custard sauce tastes like comfort in a pitcher. Egg yolks give milk and heavy cream even more body, while mace, cinnamon, and cloves add warming spice.

Remember that eggs are best when fresh, especially in recipes that highlight their flavor and require separating the white from the yolk. Depending on how fresh the eggs you’re working with are, the white may fall away quite easily, or it may hang on a bit more stubbornly. Just cook them in the right way and you will taste the different egg yolk creations!

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