Blow Away Your Smelly Feet With Home Remedies

The feet odor that comes out of the foot can interfere and make us feel uncomfortable. This can be a big problem if it occurs when you are among the crowded, for example in the office or at school. Feet odor happens because of too long wearing closed shoes. Not cleaning your feet properly can also be a trigger for feet odor to appear.

Feet odor has a medical name Bromodosis. Generally, this condition occurs due to the accumulation of sweat which ultimately results in bacterial growth on the skin. These bacteria are the cause of the appearance of unpleasant odors from both feet. This condition turned out to be overcome in a relatively simple way. Here is some households stuff to get rid of feet odor naturally:



Besides being a spice for food, salt turns out to have many benefits for everyday life. For example, an alternative to deodorizing feet. Salt can reduce moisture in the feet and also eradicate the bacteria that cause foot odor.

Mix salt with 1 basin of warm water then soaks feet for 20 minutes. Do this method every day for better results.



This fruit has no doubt had various kinds of benefits. Besides for beauty treatment, lemon can also use to get rid of foot odor. The anti-bacterial content in the lemon will eradicate odor-causing bacteria in the feet.

Prepare 6 lemons ready to be squeezed. Next, mix the juice with 1 basin of warm water. Soak both feet into the basin for 15 minutes.



Vinegar has high acid levels is also effective in killing germs that cause foot odor. Mix half a glass of vinegar with 1 basin of water, then soak feet for 15 minutes. Do this routine, at least once a week.

Tea Bags


Another ingredient from the kitchen that can be used to get rid of feet odor is a teabag. Just use two bags of black tea, then boil with one liter of water for 15 minutes. After that add 2 liters of cold water and pour it in a large bowl or bowl.

Soak feet for 30 minutes and do this once a week. The acid produced from tea bags is useful for closing pores in the legs so that it helps reduce the amount of sweat on the feet.

Baby Powder


Try to use baby powder to get rid of the feet odor. It’s easy enough to do, just sprinkle baby powder on your feet. Baby powder is useful for absorbing sweat, so the feet don’t get damp easily. Besides the soft fragrance in baby powder can be a fragrance for the feet.

Coffee Powder


Coffee is usually consumed as a sleep reliever. But not only that, but coffee can also be used as an effective way to eliminate foot odor. The trick is to mix coffee with water little by little to form a paste and then spread on the feet. Let stand for 15 minutes then rinse.

Now, you can choose which kitchen ingredients affect you the most. Apply one of the ingredients above to get rid of your feet odor. Make yourself confident with your appearance.

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