Burn Fat With Best Cardio Exercises To Support Slim Body Shape

Cardio is a great component of exercise to get a slim body. Go for it if you need to shed a few extra pounds. It works by increasing your heart rate and burning calories in the form of glucose and fat. But not all types of cardio are good for weight loss and your health. You can choose what is your favorite cardio for you. The most suitable cardio to do will help your attempt to lose weight.

Intermittent Sprints

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Set your treadmill at a 3-degree incline and start by running at a speed of 6 mph. After 1 minute, increase the speed to 9 or 10 mph. Continue running for 3 minutes. Increase the speed up to 14-15 mph and continue the sprint for 30 seconds. Slow down to 10 mph and keep running for 3 minutes. After 3 minutes, sprint for 30 seconds.


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Grab the handle of the rowing chord and sit on the rowing machine. Place your feet on the footrest. Keep your spine straight, shoulders rolled down, and chest out. Engage your abs and back muscles and pull the handle or the bar toward your abs. Stop when your elbows are behind you. Squeeze your shoulder blades. Make sure you are not leaning back. Return to the starting position. Make sure you use the right amount of weight and the correct technique to do this exercise.

Rope Jumping

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Grab a handle with each hand. Flip the rope over your head to your back. Start hopping at a low speed and jump the rope. After finishing 25 jumps, increase your speed and jump the rope 50 times. Take a 10-second break. Start jumping the rope again. If possible, jump and fold your legs to touch your heels to your hips.


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Wear a swimsuit, a cap, and swimming goggles. Get into the water and do freestyle strokes. Do about 10 laps so that you engage all the muscles and get a good workout. Learn other strokes to help you swim faster and burn more calories. You can burn around 500-700 calories for this type of cardio exercise.


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Start by sitting on the bike. Be comfortable. Start pedaling at a medium speed. After about a minute, increase your pedaling speed so that you feel the burn in your thighs in just a minute or two. Do not stop pedaling for 3 minutes. Slow down a bit for a minute and then do high-speed biking for 3-5 minutes. If you are comfortable, put some resistance in your stationary bike so that the workout is more intense.

Stair Climber

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Start by walking up the stairs and climbing every other step. Next, climb the stairs by lunging. Variate the forward lunges with lateral lunges. End the set by running up and down the stairs once. Take a 10-second rest and then go for your second set. You can burn 200 calories for about 10 minutes by doing a stair climb.

So, there you have it. Best cardio workouts that will help you shed some fat. Sip a little water every 20 minutes to keep yourself hydrated and keep your stamina up. After you are done with your workout, make sure you continue to rehydrate and refuel.

Noval Vexecyn

Noval Vexecyn