Chill Yourself Off With Heartwarming Vegan Soups Ideas At Home

Healthy and filling, eating a bowl of soup are proven to help with satiety, and to lower the amount of food one eats overall during a meal. Soups are also easy to make, can be made in advance and frozen, and are easy to transport if you have the right thermos. All of these soup recipes are vegetarian, and most are vegan. Here are for you!

Vegetarian Bean and Barley Soup


This very hearty barley soup is a full meal in itself. Filled with vegetables, barley, and beans, the only thing this flavorful and thick preparation needs is a sprinkle of chopped parsley on top for color and freshness. The recipe allows for you to make your own extra vegetable additions.

Curried Corn and Cheese Soup


Use fresh sweet summer corn when in season or frozen corn during the cold months of winter. In any case, this wonderfully chunky soup, filled with sweet colorful peppers and pungent shallots, is ready in 25 minutes. Use cow or soy milk, regular cheese or vegan cheese, and adjust it to the dietary preferences of you and your family.

Cauliflower Chowder


Cauliflower makes a delicious soup for chilly evenings. When paired with carrots, celery, onions, and garlic, the veggie is transformed into a hearty, flavorful meal in this cauliflower chowder recipe. Best of all, it’s ready within an hour. Be sure to use vegetable rather than chicken broth. If you like, switch to your favorite vegan yogurt as well. Serve it along with a salad and bread, and a healthy, delicious, and comforting dinner is ready to enjoy.

Lentil Soup


Lentils are available in most grocery stores and very high in fiber (15 grams per cup of cooked lentils) and protein (17 grams). They are also very budget-friendly and you make the most of your money buying them in bulk. Lentils cook fast and have a wonderful meaty quality to them; they’re great in soups because they keep their firm texture.

Cabbage and Cilantro Soup


Inspired by the flavors of India and spiced with plenty of fresh cilantro and a dash of hot sauce, this is a fat-free vegan soup recipe that is also low in calories. Cabbage soup is incredibly healthy and very nutritious, and our version is made from just a few simple and familiar ingredients (cabbage, garlic, broth, onions, and Tabasco).

Pumpkin Soup


Perfect for the holidays, this light pumpkin soup recipe is spiced with nutmeg and made with pureed pumpkin instead of fresh.‚Äč Use vegan margarine for a vegan version, and cook onions, pumpkin puree, broth, soy milk, and spices for 10 to 15 minutes. This quick and easy recipe is a great last-minute dish served with a vegan cheese sandwich, cubed tofu, and rice or a simple bowl of brown rice and a salad.

The soup recipes above cover a wide range of ingredients, from whole grain to gluten-free, are inspired by diverse cuisines and are great additions to your winter menu when you’re looking for something hearty and belly-warming.

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