Cook Your Own Street Food Recipes Version At Home

Have you’ve ever enjoyed your favorite takeout snack and thought, “I can do this,”? Then these recipes collections are for you. You can make these with ingredients found in your grocery store or even your own kitchen. Try to cook the food as similar to the real one!

Takeout Skillet Sesame Chicken


Make your standard Chinese takeout order at home with this awesome sesame chicken. A little salty, a little sweet, and just the slightest bit nutty, this dish comes together in about 30 minutes. This skillet version is lower in fat than the typical deep-fried restaurant version, so you can have it all the time!

Homemade Red Lobster Cheese Garlic Biscuits


If you’ve ever snuck a couple of these flaky cheese garlic biscuits home in your purse after a visit to Red Lobster, we don’t blame you. But you can leave your petty crimes behind by baking them in your own kitchen. With just five ingredients, they’re simple and quick to make, too!

Homemade Cinnabon Buns


If you went to the mall and you didn’t get a Cinnabon cinnamon roll, did you really go to the mall? Enjoy that sweet, spiced, super-soft bun anytime with this copycat recipe. For a fantastic make-ahead breakfast, whip up a pan of these rolls ahead of time, par-bake until they are puffed but not completely cooked, and freeze. Just pull them from the freezer and finish baking when you’re ready to eat.

Instant Pot Thai Chicken Curry


Thai curries are a popular dish on takeout menus and may seem intimidating to make at home. This Instant Pot recipe makes preparation simple and cooking time quick. All of the traditional flavors, including coconut milk, fish sauce, ginger, and lime and lemon juice, cook along with the chicken and vegetables to create a warming stew with a bit of spice. Perfect served over rice.

Homemade Doner Kebab


The Doner kebab sandwich is the mother of all Middle Eastern shawarma, Mexican al pastor, and Greek gyro street food sandwiches. Made with shaved meat wrapped up in pita or flatbread with tomatoes, cucumber, yogurt sauce, and red onion, it’s a great food to eat on the go. Making it at home can take some improvisation, but the results are well worth it.

Pull-Apart Mini Big Macs


Try these pull-apart miniature Big Mac sandwiches for the big game or any casual get-together. They’ve got all of the flavors you love from McDonald’s with meaty beef, pickles, shredded lettuce, cheese, and onions, all on that sesame seed bun. Serve them alongside a big batch of shoestring French fries for a fast-food feast at home.

These are the dishes we reach for most often when we’ve got a craving for takeout. Try a few on your friends and you’ll realize how easy it can be to make a copycat favorite at home. Easy ingredients and simple way to cook them!

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