Cook Your Protein Differently For Healthier Taste

Protein is one of the essential nutrients for our bodies. The various functions of protein show that consuming protein supports our growth and refinement. That’s why you better consume high-quality protein sources.

Protein can cause longer satiety because they are broken down longer in the digestive system, unlike carbohydrates. Protein can also keep your blood sugar levels stable so that you can avoid excessive hunger. It is one of the reasons for several people to consume more protein when they want to lose weight.

2 Kinds of Protein Source:


Meat, Chicken, Fish, Cheese, and Egg.


Animal proteins tend to contain a good balance of all the amino acids that we need. Since the nutrients can lose when going through many processes, you have to be careful while cooking it.

Tips to Cook


The way you cook those ingredients also affects the integrity of nutritional content. To give a savory taste, before you grill the meat you may marinate the meat first with pepper, salt, and oregano for several minutes. After that, grill them with onion, garlic, and paprika. It can be applied for fish, seafood, and chicken too.

But for fish and seafood, to rid the fishy smell you can add lemon juice while marinating them. To complete the dish, you can combine with carbs such as rice, wheat bread, pasta, or potato.


Tofu, Broccoli, Spinach, Potato, And Beans.


Vegetable protein is rich in glutamic acid which is a type of amino acid. According to research, glutamic acid compounds may reduce blood pressure. Consuming vegetable protein can help control weight because it makes us feel full longer.

Tips To Cook


The best way to cook vegetables is by boiled. The nutrient content is still perfectly inside the vegetables. It is believed that when vegetables are boiled, they will help maintain vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.

You may try to cook them into vegetable sup. Combining various vegetables will make them tasteful. To make your sup delicious but also healthier, you can add onion, garlic, and mushroom broth.


Consuming boiled vegetables ensures that the food is also fat-free. It also helps the detoxification of your body. The taste of boiled vegetables feels so fresh. You can also steam the vegetables in various ways.

From the processes above, you still can hold the protein inside the ingredients. But make sure that you cook them well to avoid bacteria and parasite. One more tip, washing the meat do not make it lose the nutrients. The nutrients content will lose only through cooking processes.


Living healthier is a chance that everyone can make it. From this, you can choose your own fate. You already get various cuisines ides, practice makes it perfect. Eating grilled meat and vegetable sup is greatly match nutrient for our body.

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