Creative Treats Made With Cereals For After Meal Snacks

Cereal isn’t just for breakfast, but can be an easy and delicious ingredient in any number of fun recipes! From sweet to savory and morning to night, these recipes prove the versatility of all of your favorite cereals. These recipes are a low hassle, low cost, and healthy alternatives to your kids’ sugary favorites. Think outside the cereal box and spruce up your snacking!

Cute Breakfast Sushi Rolls


How adorable are these breakfast sushi rolls? If breakfast is getting a little boring or you need help motivating your kids to get up for school, an exciting breakfast adventure is a perfect solution! With Nutella, peanut butter, and rice crispies, we love this sweet take on sushi!

Cereal “Cookie” Ice Cream Sandwiches


Ice cream sandwich recipes are all the rage right now and people are getting crazy creative with extreme flavors like pina colada. For a fun cereal twist, try this cereal “cookie” ice cream sandwich. Two cereal cookie patties plus a scoop of your favorite ice cream makes for a delicious after school snack or dessert.

Healthy Milk and Cereal Breakfast Bars


You can find popular brand milk and cereal bars in any grocery store, but how healthy are they really? If you’re looking for an easy grab-and-go breakfast snack without the added sugar, homemade delicious healthy milk and cereal breakfast bars are a great alternative that your kids will be sure to love.

Unicorn Rice Krispies Treats


Unicorn Rice Krispies treats are as easy and yummy as the original recipe, they’re just dressed up. On top of the cereal and marshmallow bars, you’ll add melted white chocolate that’s dyed in a rainbow of colors. Get creative with the frosting, and don’t forget the sprinkles!

Ranger Cookies With Oats, Coconut, and Corn Flakes


What’s a ranger cookie? A hearty treat made with crispy cereal and oatmeal popularized in the early half of the 20th century. This recipe uses oats, coconut, and corn flakes for a flavorful cookie that’s low on sugar and washes down with a glass of milk.

Chocolate Cheerio Clusters


This recipe is made up of only three ingredients, but we recommend combining three different types of chocolate for maximum taste. Peanuts, chocolate, and, most importantly, cheerios combine in a delicious cluster for an excellent afternoon snack.

Now you can have perfect snacks made from your favorite cereals for every snacking! Perfect for kids and adults alike, it’s incredibly simple to eat together and looks very cute and impressive. You can make-ahead the super cereal snacks and enjoy them every time you want!

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