Delicious Desserts Ideas From Plums That Will Shock You

One of the joys of summer and early fall is the arrival of delicious plums. There are many varieties to choose from throughout the season, all with thick skin and juicy flesh, ranging slightly in sweetness. ut, without a doubt, plums are best known for their starring roles in pies, crumbles, cakes, and tarts, as well as Eastern European dumplings. We are listed as some of the best plum desserts for you!

Hungarian Plum Dumplings (Szilvás Gombóc)


These Hungarian plum dumplings are made with a mashed potato dough—as is the case with many Eastern European sweet and savory dumplings—but instead of being formed by hand, the dough is rolled out and cut into squares. Pitted plums are placed in the center, and the dumplings are sealed and boiled before being coated with buttered breadcrumbs. A sprinkling of cinnamon sugar is the finishing touch before being served as a side dish or dessert.

Stovetop Stewed Plums With Cinnamon


These tender plums in a warm, cinnamon syrup are quite versatile; they can be part of breakfast, served alongside roasted pork, or spooned over ice cream for dessert. Sugar, water, lemon juice, and cinnamon boil together to make the syrup before the plums are added, allowing the fruit to hold its shape while taking on the flavors.

Plum Cake


Whether for dessert or to serve with a cup of coffee, this plum (or pluot) cake is a sweet and satisfying treat. Thinly sliced plums are gently tossed with a little sugar and then layered over an easy-to-make batter. Sprinkle with a brown sugar-cinnamon streusel topping, if you like, and bake the cake until puffed up and beginning to turn golden.

Classic Plum and Almond Tart


When plums are baked along with almonds, something magical happens. In this classic tart made with shortcrust pastry, the plums are arranged over a homemade frangipane (almond cream), making for a beautiful presentation as well as a delicious combination of flavors.

Chilled Jewish Plum Soup


If your plums are approaching overripeness, this chilled plum soup recipe is the perfect way to use them. This refreshing, beautifully colored soup can be enjoyed as a starter or dessert and is thought to have originated in Jewish kitchens in Eastern Europe. A sprig of lemon verbena adds a wonderful hint of freshness to the dish, and a dollop of sour cream is the perfect finishing touch.

Polish Plum Cake (Placek z Sliwkami)


A clove-scented streusel topping makes this Polish plum cake stand out. A simple batter is a base for halved and pitted plums, which are sprinkled with the streusel before being baked. The juice from the plums will moisten the cake as it cools. Cut into squares and serve as a breakfast treat or for dessert.

When you have a bushel of ripe plums on hand, try a classic recipe like a traditional jam, as well as something new, such as barbecue sauce. Whichever way you choose to use them, plums add a unique flavor to a recipe. Plums work well in both sweet and savory dishes.

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