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Fried egg is one of the common dish that we can meet everyday. Egg is rich in protein and good for our body. We can eat fried egg in the morning for breakfast, lunch or even dinner. Fried egg is suitable for every meal time. But you might getting bored with that kind of sunny side up egg everyday? Have you every want to try another variations of egg? Yes, you have to. Cooking egg is not only about fried but also boiled, toasted, and many more. So, here is some variations egg dish that you can try anytime:

01. Poached Egg


Poached egg is one of the best cooking methods for creating healthy eggs. But you don’t make very often at home, right? Poached eggs are look beautiful. The whites are just firm enough on the outside to contain an oozy, golden yolk in a round little egg package. You can eat poached egg for breakfast and combine with bread to make you stomach fuller.

02. Scramble Egg


Next is scramble egg. Scramble egg is easy to cook. You just need to stir the egg while fry it on the frying pan. Use less oil to make it healthier. For seasoning, if you want savory taste you can add some salt or white pepper. But if you like plain, just don’t need add anything. The egg itself is little bit savory. You can combine scramble egg with rice or toasted bread for larger portion.

03. Omelet


Another egg dish is omelet. Many people love omelet. It is easy to cook and very delicious indeed. People make many combinations of omelet. You can add meat, chicken, cheese, ham, and many more. You can choose your own favorite ingredients because omelet is suitable for almost all ingredients.

04. Boiled Egg


Last is boiled egg. Boiled egg is the easiest way of cooking egg. You just need to boil the egg. But you can choose the cooked level of egg. For hard boiled, you just can eat it. For half boiled, it is high in calories so you may combine with vegetables salad or bread.

Those are the egg creations you can try at home. Egg is rich in protein and vitamin. It is good to consume everyday. But some people have allergic with egg so you have to be careful you are allergic or not. You also don’t need to add too much seasoning in egg dish. Egg has its own savory taste.

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