Do These Essential Aerial Yoga Poses To Try At Home

A hammock is a tool for all levels and styles of yoga, from beginners to advanced, from yin to vinyasa. It’s a tool to hold on to for balance, help refine postures, assist in alignment, deepen stretches, and safely invert without compressing the spine. Some of the greatest benefits come from the therapeutic aspects the hammock offers: reducing pain, finding alignment, decompressing the spine, overcoming fear, building confidence, and strength.

Aerial Lunges


Doing lunges with the yoga trapeze is not only 5x times cooler, but it also helps you build up stamina and stability. Do exactly as you would do regular lunges, lunge forward with one leg, keeping the other grounded still. You’ll bend your leg and place your knee between the hammock. Hold with both hands to lunge forward and back to your initial pose. This will work your quads and hip flexors and it’s recommended you do this three to four times before switching leg.



In a regular plank, you place both forearms and feet on the ground, balancing your body. Using the hammock, you’ll want to hold the same form as you would on the ground and elevate your legs on the swing. Thus engaging more into your glutes since the hammock will be in a higher position than your hands. You hold this position from 20 to 40 seconds per set, squeezing in your abs.

Air Crunches


The traditional method would include either workout or household furniture to place your feet. During crunches, your body will now be facing forward — toward the hammock. Placing your hands behind your hand, you will want to breathe in and lunge forward toward your knees, bending your stomach area. After reaching your intended position, you breathe out and head back to your initial form, without allowing your shoulders to touch the ground.

Downward Dog


For the downward dog form, you will want to start with separating your legs to a comfortable and steady distance. Next, you will slowly bend your stomach forward without moving or bending your legs. On the traditional form, you touch the floor with your hands and balance your body for a few seconds up to a minute. With aerial yoga, you will touch the swing with your stomach as you bend forward and connect with the ground. Slowly, you will start to elevate your legs and put all your support onto your hands and your stomach, which rests on the swing.

Supported Chair Pose


You will place both feet on the ground, will separate the hammock with your hands, and will rest your back on it. Begin to lean back, leaving your feet on the ground and your back connected to the hammock. Reach back and stretch as much as possible, and slowly let go of the hammock, allowing the fabric to support you. You will give yourself a few seconds to a minute, relax, and do it again three to five times per set.

After including these to your weekly workout routine, you will start to notice the changes in your body. Most notably and improvement in your mood, your balance, and your health. Your entire body will thank you once you start, plus a nice alternative to introduce into the friend group.

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