Easy And Healthy Dinner Meal Ideas With Fish That Rarely You Know

Whether you are trying to eat healthier, want to eat less meat, or just adore seafood, these delicious baked fish recipes are amazing to know about. We’ve included our favorite ideas for cooking fish in the oven, including easy weeknight meals that are quick to get on the table, plus fancy fish recipes to serve when you want to impress company.

Simple Salmon Chowder


As spring rounds the corner, baby potatoes will soon be abundant. This recipe for Salmon Chowder bridges the gap between seasons, using the last of winter’s fennel bulbs paired with new, thin-skinned potatoes. Besides how homey and comforting it is, how easily adaptable it is- it can be made keto, or kept dairy-free, using coconut milk, depending on your needs. Use whole milk, half & half or heavy cream- you decide.

Pan-Seared Halibut With Lemony Zucchini Noodles


Here’s a quick and easy weeknight dinner that is low in carbs and full of clean bright flavors. Pan-seared Halibut (or substitute cod, tofu, salmon, sea bass, scallops, etc. Served over lemony zucchini noodles with garlic, olive oil, and parsley. Top this with sweet, end-of-summer tomatoes and you have a delicious healthy dinner in 20 minutes flat. Such simple flavors, but oh so good!

Spicy Miso Ramen With Chili Roasted Salmon & Bok Choy


Spicy Miso Ramen with Chili Roasted Salmon, swimming with baby bok choy and mushrooms. If going vegan or low cholesterol leave off the egg and swap out the salmon for tofu. If cutting out carbs, swap out ramen noodles with zucchini noodles or kelp noodles or just go heavy on the bok choy. This is one of those recipes where you can customize each bowl keeping some vegan, some not, some low carb, some not, all at the same time.

Simple Baked Cod With Tomatoes & Basil


It is best to use thick pieces of cod for this baked cod recipe- like one inch or more – to ensure even cooking time with the tomatoes. Feel free to substitute other types of fish here too – salmon, halibut, mahi-mahi – anything at least an inch thick. Just put it together and toss everything right in the baking dish. Then into the oven it goes- a very fast no-fuss recipe, perfect for back to school nights! Plus the leftovers, believe it or not, are great for up to 3 days!

Furikake Salmon Bowls


These Furikake Salmon Bowls were dinner tonight- fast and easy to put together and full of great flavor! Furikake, if unfamiliar is a Japanese seasoning that can be purchased at most grocery stores or simply made at home with nori and toasted sesame seeds.

Those are the best fish recipes ideas for dinner that you can try. You can mix with any vegetable that suits your taste. With the right portion for each ingredients, those recipes are still safe for diet dinner or paleo dinner time.

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