Easy Tips To Reduce Your Fat Thigh

Having slim thighs and hips is a dream for many women and men. The slim thighs are also a factor that makes the posture look good. The main cause is due to the accumulation of fat because of unhealthy lifestyles.

There are many ways to reduce fat in the thighs and hips, both the expensive ways through plastic surgery to the cheap but need more time that is exercise and diet. You can try to reduce thigh fat using natural ways. Check the tips below!

Stop Over Salt Consumption

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Salt makes your body bond the water and make your body bulging, including in the thighs and hips. For this reason, limit processed foods such as canned foods, sauces and frozen foods that usually contain high amounts of sodium. Change your salt with natural herbs and spices.


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Jogging is a cardio workout that is done as one of the way to reduce thighs and calves fat quickly and naturally. When jogging, the leg will continue to move stably so that it can burn fat on the thighs and calves effectively. Do it regularly for 30 minutes. In addition to the thighs and calves will become smaller, jogging also makes the body more healthy.

Doing Squat

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A squat is one of the best exercises that can help reduce fat in the thighs. This exercise is quite easy and you can do it anywhere, including your house. Stand up straight and both legs opened wide, then position both hands, knees, and knees bent. Hold for a few seconds. Do this exercise regularly every day to get the best results.

Up And Down Stairs

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Start using the stairs instead of using the elevator or escalator when you want to go from one floor to another. By going up and down the stairs, your body indirectly performs calorie-burning movements on both of your legs, so that you can reduce the thighs fat. Not only your thighs will be in good shape, but your lung health will also improve.


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You can use your free time to cycle around the area of your house. In addition to burning fat on the body, cycling can also burn fat on the thighs and calves. This one exercise is one way to shrink the thighs and calves which is quite effective.

It is quite simple, right? Try to combine the tips above will burn fat in your thighs faster. You have to remember that reducing fat in the thighs naturally will take more time. Because It will lead you to healthy habits in your life


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