Egg Salad Combination Ideas For This Sunday Picnic

Going to a summer picnic? Browse our collection for varieties that include classic takes on egg salad, plus creative variations you can enjoy in sandwiches, as cookout side dishes, and party appetizers. You’ll even find a delicious vegan egg salad recipe that’s suitable for those eating meatless.

Egg Salad Potato Salad


This creamy egg and potato medley combines two popular barbecue side dishes in one tasty salad. It’s easy to make for any cookout or party and you can multiply the recipe to feed a crowd. For outdoor gatherings in warm weather, make the salad ahead, and chill well in the fridge, before setting the bowl atop an ice-lined tray for your buffet table.

Avocado Egg Salad


Enjoy a delicious breakfast by topping your whole-wheat toast with this bright-tasting, herb-flecked avocado egg salad. It’s got everything you love about rich and creamy avocado toast, plus a bonus boost of protein to get you through the morning. Use it as a quick and easy sandwich spread, or a fabulous, last-minute party dip.

Vegetarian Tofu and Egg Salad


With nothing but mashed tofu, relish, mustard, and spices, this simple egg salad are completely vegetarian and vegan. It’s packed with protein and is even easier to make in 10 minutes than a traditional egg salad. Whip up a batch for layering onto whole wheat bread with alfalfa sprouts and tomato slices, as a kid-pleasing school lunch idea.

Egg Salad With Chives


Flavorful egg salad with chives is perfect for a quick lunch. You can use yellow mustard in place of the Dijon mustard if you prefer. Serve it on biscuits, in sandwiches, or wrapped in hearty Romaine lettuce or kale leaves for a lighter midday meal.

Peruvian Triple Sandwich


The triple sandwich is a popular one in Peruvian cuisine. Start with sliced white sandwich bread, adding ripe and creamy avocado, then a layer of egg salad, and finally sliced tomatoes, for a flavorful, protein-rich, triple-decker lunchtime sandwich.

Southern Chicken and Egg Salad


Chopped hard-cooked eggs, mayonnaise, dill pickle relish, red onion, and celery round out this indulgent chicken sandwich. Enjoy it atop freshly-baked biscuits as an elegant brunch dish you can serve to company. Or pile it into a hearty ciabatta bun, for a filling brown bag lunch.

Egg salad is easy to prepare and makes great sandwiches on sliced bread, slider buns, or small rolls or biscuits. Add sliced tomatoes and some lettuce to the sandwich for a delicious lunch for Sunday picnic.

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