Fabulous Parfaits Ideas For Healthy Treats At Home

Parfaits are a fabulous, creamy, sweet treat that you can enjoy at any time of day. From healthy granola-and-fruit breakfast parfaits to decadent layered desserts, these sweet confections are worth a try. Prepare these parfaits ideas for this weekend treats at home!

Pumpkin and Labneh Cheesecake Parfaits

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No-bake cheesecake parfaits make a fantastic dessert when you’re craving something rich and decadent. The vanilla-scented labneh cheesecake strata started with a strained Greek yogurt that’s layered with crushed graham crackers or ginger cookies and a creamy spiced pumpkin puree. Serve this delicious dessert in classic parfait dishes or try mason jars for a trendy presentation.

Strawberry Creme Parfaits

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Strawberries and cream are some of the best flavor combinations out there. You could serve at bridal and baby showers, or anytime you want to celebrate the fresh summer fruit. The sliced berries are layered with vanilla-scented whipped cream, melted marshmallows, and crumbled meringue cookies for a treat that satisfies your cravings. Be sure to allow three to six hours for chilling before serving.

Citrus, Cream, and Blueberry Parfait With Lemon Crisps

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You can make this dinner party-worthy parfait in less than 30 minutes, including the fancy little lemon crisps that adorn its top. Thick, syrupy blueberries nestle with whipped cream and a tangy lemon or lime curd to create this divinely delicious treat. The citrus decorations are quick easy to make in your oven by coating thin slices of lemon in simple sugar syrup.

Chinese Strawberry Almond Tofu Dessert

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Chinese almond tofu is a popular Asian treat that doesn’t contain tofu but shares a similar texture. It’s actually a soft jellied dessert made with soy milk, sugar, gelatin, and almonds. Enjoy this dessert as a sweet treat after a dim sim feast or other Asian-inspired meals.

Japanese Style Parfait

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Parfaits are an iconic dessert in Japanese cuisine, which places great importance on the presentation of food. Not only is this scrumptious parfait a treat for the taste buds, but it’s also delightful to behold. Crunchy corn flakes typically form the bottom layer for this dessert, which is topped with ice cream or frozen yogurt, then chocolate sauce (or fruit jam if you prefer), layers of fresh fruit, and whipped cream. You may stop there or repeat all the layers again, finishing the parfait with festive garnishes, such as cookies, sprinkles, additional fresh fruit, or gelatin cubes.

Raspberry Cool Whip Jello Parfait Mold

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You could even serve this pretty pink parfait-style treat at bridal showers or gender reveal parties. It’s so easy to make by combining raspberry jello with whipped topping, then layering this with a mixture of cream cheese, sugar, and Cool Whip. Be sure to use a clear decorative bowl, so everyone can ooh and ahh at the attractive layers.

These parfaits are a nice layered version and it fits nicely in a glass rather than a bowl. It is a little easier to take on the go. However, you are going to want to eat this right away!

Noval Vexecyn

Noval Vexecyn