First Aid Treatment For Diarrhea At Home

Diarrhea makes our body feel uncomfortable. The stomach that continues to feel heartburn, you also must have to go back and forth toilets to defecate. Generally, diarrhea occurs due to consuming food that has been contaminated by bacteria, dirt, and toxins.

Even so, diarrhea can also occur due to other things, such as drinking too many alcoholic, side effects of drugs, or certain diseases. While diarrhea often goes away on its own, several steps that you can do at home to ease symptoms and speed up recovery.

Drink More Water


When you have diarrhea, you are suggested to meet your water needs by drinking 2-3 liters of water (about 8-12 medium glasses) per day. Besides water, fluid intake can also be obtained from other foods and drinks, such as soups, broth, and fruit juices.

Consuming The Right Food


During diarrhea, you are suggested to eat low-fiber foods that are minimally processed and without much seasoning. The examples are rice, potatoes, bread, biscuits, bananas, and soup. In addition, you are also encouraged to consume foods containing probiotics, such as yogurt, which are good for intestinal health. Choose yogurt that does not contain flavor.

Try Herbal Medicine


For herbal medicine, you can use guava leaves. Guava leaves contain many healthy substances, including antioxidants such as vitamin C. Guava leaves, are also rich in flavonoids such as quercetin. Add guava leaves and roots to boiling water. Filter water and drink on an empty stomach.

Avoid Certain Food


Avoid some kind of high-fat foods, greasy foods, spicy foods, foods containing artificial sweeteners, and foods with high levels of fructose food. It is better to consume bananas, rice (white), applesauce, and toast. That food can help alleviate your diarrhea symptoms and ensure your health doesn’t worsen from not eating.

Those all several first aids that you can do at home. You should avoid using antidiarrheal pills unless it is recommended by a doctor. But if your diarrhea getting worse, go see a doctor quickly to prevent dehydration and low tension pressure.

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