Fried Food Crispness Might Killing You Softly

Who can’t resist from fried food? Almost all ages love fried food. Crispy, crunch, and tasty sensation has its own satisfied when consuming them. These days, fried foods are becoming varied increasingly.

Street food is one of the places where fried food is growing rapidly. There are fried squid, fried chicken, and fried tofu. The difference is how the seller mixes with different seasoning with another seller.

Even the vegetables are fried too. Broccoli, carrot, and cassava are the several example of fried vegetable. Don’t let the seller’s creativity leads us to great danger in the future. Fried foods are so high in calories,

Squid and chicken are rich of protein. But through the wrong process, the nutrient loss occurs. Also for vegetables that mentioned before, broccoli, carrot, and cassava are rich of nutrient that our body need.


However through the wrong process, the nutrients itself become reduced. Don’t feel healthy if you consume fried vegetables mixed with flour. The nutrient still exist but it only several percent left.

The best way to consume vegetables is boiled or steamed it. The nutrients inside the vegetables do exist and brings the benefit for our body. Boiling or steaming the vegetables is rather easy than fried them.

You only need water and pan to cook the vegetables without doing too much effort than frying. The taste of boiled vegetables feels so fresh. It also applies to meat.

For meat, fish, and chicken, boiling or steaming them is also best way to consume. You can add some seasoning like pepper and garlic in the boiling water to make it tastier. If you want to try another way, grill them is one of the good alternatives.

Grill the meat, chicken, or fish is fun way to consume them. Adding onion, garlic, and paprika make your cook tastier than frying them. Seasoning them with pepper and oregano is one of the best tips.

You don’t always need expensive grilling tools. Use Teflon in your kitchen to grill. You can combine the boiled vegetables and grilled meat or chicken for tasteful food.

Cooking by yourself might be tiring. But if it became your habit, it feels easier every day. Stop consuming fried food no matter what. Lessen the high processing food to make your body healthier.

You can start to reduce fried food consumption. If usually you consume fried food every day, try to consume it once in 2 days. Feel the different of starting good habit. Start from now or never.

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Noval Vexecyn

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