Fun Food To Cook With Your Kids At The Weekend

You don’t have any plan yet with your kids this weekend? Instead of going out, you may try to introduce the cooking world with your kids. When you make food fun for kids, they want to eat it. So these recipes include healthy options as well as treats — all designed to appeal to even your pickiest eaters.

Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes


These ice cream cone cupcakes are everything fun food for kids should be: fun to make, fun to look at and even more fun to eat. You can top each ice cream cone cupcake with your favorite ice cream toppings. Sprinkles are always a crowd-pleaser or you could finish them with a cherry on top.

Football Cake


For little sports fans, this football cake is sure to be a hit. They can even play a role in some of the easier steps. The yummy chocolate cake is baked in a standard round pan, then two simple cuts transform it into a football. Whip up the chocolate frosting, and let the kids create the coconut “grass.” It’s a fun activity with delicious results.

Marshmallow Fluff


It takes just five common ingredients — and no specialized equipment — to make homemade marshmallow fluff. Though it’s tempting enough to eat with a spoon, it also makes a delicious frosting for cupcakes or as the filling for a classic fluffernutter sandwich.

Magic Shell


The kids will be in awe as they watch this magic shell harden and create a crackly topping for their ice cream. The “magic” requires nothing more than melting chocolate chips with coconut oil, so it’s incredibly easy, too. This recipe also makes an excellent coating for cold fruit or bonbons as well.

Puppy Chow Recipe


This sweet party mix is one of those fun kids’ foods that adults like, too. This recipe is also super easy to make – young kids may need help with the oven. The mixture is tossed together, then rolled in powdered sugar for an extra special, extra sweet treat the kids will go crazy for.

Monster Cookies


Monster cookies guaranteed to please anyone, and they’re as fun to bake as they are to eat. This recipe uses a basic cookie dough to which an assortment of mix-ins is added. Stick with the suggested oats, chocolate chunks, peanuts, and candy-coated chocolates, or come up with your own combination.

Many of these recipes are also easy enough for kids to make themselves. So if you enjoy cooking with your kids, or you want to do a special cooking project at the kids’ school or camp, these fun kids’ food recipes will give you some great ideas.

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