Get Cozy With Super 6 Fall Chicken Mains Ideas For Dinner

Fall’s cooler temperatures bring on cravings for homey, warming dishes that make us feel cozy. These hearty chicken mains showcase some of our favorite fall ingredients, from mushrooms to root vegetables. With the kids doing school at home and the holidays up ahead, it’s a busy time of year, so we’ve chosen recipes that will help families get a delicious meal on the table without spending too much time in the kitchen.

Easy Chicken Piccata


Chicken cutlets in a delectable sauce make a great family dinner, but this dish is also fancy enough to serve to invited guests. Best of all, you can have this chicken piccata on the table in less than 30 minutes. Use small chicken breasts, chicken tenders, or larger chicken breasts cut in strips in this recipe. Add capers to the sauce for the classic lemony chicken piccata flavor.

Chicken, Cheese, and Penne Pasta Bake


This chicken, cheese, and penne pasta bake is a satisfying family meal, with artichokes and mushrooms adding extra nutrition and texture. You can toss in any other favorite vegetables as well or add cheddar cheese in addition to the mozzarella, depending on your family’s tastes.

Chicken Marbella


Chicken Marbella was a standout dish. This one-pan meal features skin-on chicken marinated in a brine of vinegar, olives, capers, and prunes, and then baked in the same dish—it couldn’t be easier. This recipe is a little sweet, a little salty, and perfectly balanced with an acidic tang. Perfect with Spanish rice or mashed potatoes.

Instant Pot Chicken and Dumplings


This Southern classic is a welcome dish on a cool fall day, and the Instant Pot makes it quick and easy to prepare. Onions and garlic are sauteed, chicken broth, seasonings, vegetables, and chicken are added, the homemade dumpling dough is spooned on top, and the stew is pressure cooked for just a few minutes. Peas, parsley, and cream finish it off.

Chicken Pot Pie


When you think about warming fall meals that make you feel cozy, doesn’t this classic American comfort food come to mind? It’s the perfect way to use up leftover roast chicken and whatever veggies are still sitting around in the fridge. This traditional recipe delivers fabulous flavor and is such a great one to have in your culinary repertoire.

Easy Chicken and Mushrooms


There’s something so wonderful and comforting about the combination of juicy chicken and earthy, tender mushrooms. This super easy recipe featuring both ingredients takes a shortcut with condensed cream of mushroom soup, so it’s ready in just an hour. The chicken and sauce make a wholesome family meal with potatoes or noodles and a salad.

The recipes above are perfect for chicken lovers. But not for them only, all of you will crave for it. Whether you want the traditional comfort of chicken pot pie, need an easy weeknight dinner, or want to impress guests with little effort, here are half a dozen takes on chicken that’ll do the trick.

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