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Unknowingly, we always repeat and make an excuse for ourselves to life on our own. The most difficult obstacle when it comes to stay healthy with a busy lifestyle. Busy lifestyles can bring negative effect for our body. It can lead to bad impact, such as fatigue, headache, and decreasing immune system.

In our busy days, we choose to eat something quick-served. Especially, what we are going to eat in our break time. The key to maintain a balanced lifestyle will largely revolve around your eating habits.

Quick-served food or popular as junk food is commonly find everywhere. The temptation to take the easy way and eat out in random restaurants or junk food tends to away your health wanting. Junk food is created to ease us eat any time but it doesn’t mean to always eat them every day.

Fried food and high seasoning food are coddling our tongue. A crunchy taste when we bite fried food has its own satisfied feeling. Also, there are many variety fried food out there. Almost every country has their typical fried food.

Behind the pleasure that we get from those food, there are so many bad things await. Fried food is high oil content. We don’t know what kind of oil that they used to fry the food and how many times they used it. Although the junk food is really tempting, we can’t deny that the way they cook is not always clean.

Especially, most of street food around the world. Many sellers use the same oil repeatedly which lead to degradation of oil and forming black solids which can be harm our body. In an occasion, there is a find that they mix the oil with plastic to make the fried food crunchier. It is obvious that the content of plastic itself is dangerous. What if the dangerous chemical enters our body repeatedly? It will cause so much health problems in the future.

Then for high seasoning food, we can’t deny that high seasoning foods are always tempting and satisfying.  Sweet and tasty food are spread in almost every country. Many people like tasteful food. However, salt and sugar has its own measure for each day based on our body needs. Over portion of sugar and salt causes over-weight, high blood pressure, diabetes, and other deadly diseases.

Having a healthy life is basically most of people expectations. Avoiding bad habits will lead you to healthy life. There is no reason to never start. People are not always young every day. You can start from the smallest thing; bring your own lunch to your school or office.

Start to avoid junk food and eat more boiled vegetable. Build a new habit is not as easy as it seems. However, just think about the disadvantages await us in the future. Start more physical exercise. Spare your time for physical exercise minimum twice a week. Because the older we are, the susceptible we are.

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