Get Your Fall In Mug With 6 Apple Cider Vinegar Recipes

Apple cider is a perfect base for all sorts of drinks. From hot apple cider—spiked and nonalcoholic—to autumn-worthy sangrias and some cozy apple cocktails featuring soft and hard ciders, these drinks are perfect for entertaining as the temperatures drop. Here are the great apple cider vinegar recipes for you!

Salted Caramel Apple Punch


Kids will love this delicious salted caramel apple punch. Tantalizingly sweet and bubbly, the recipe mixes cider and orange juice with ginger ale. The real treat comes in the form of a salted caramel syrup that you can also use to rim each glass.

Chai Spiced Hot Apple Cider


Use a chai spice mix to give your cider a new twist. This warming cup maybe, even more, inviting with its complex flavor and all you have to add is ginger, cardamom, and vanilla, along with a small amount of black tea. If you like, use almond milk as a creamer for a dairy-free drink.

Apple Cider Sangria


Hard cider is the alcoholic version of regular apple cider and it’s a fabulous ingredient for mixed drinks and punches. In this sangria, it’s paired with white wine, cinnamon, and even more apples—both fresh and juiced. It’s a fabulous way to enjoy the essential summer punch with an autumn twist.

Hot Apple Pie


Just two ingredients are required for this sippable apple pie, a boozy toddy-like drink that’s perfect for a night by the fire. The recipe features Tuaca, a vanilla and citrus liqueur that pairs perfectly with cider. Make it extra indulgent with whipped cream and cinnamon, just like its namesake dessert.

Sparkling Apple Cider Sangria


This autumn-worthy sangria is a serious crowd-pleaser. Inside the sparkling punch, you’ll find caramel-flavored vodka, ginger liqueur, bubbly white wine, and apple cider. Serve it alongside seasonal treats like pumpkin spice scones and you’ll have an unforgettable party.

Simple Hot Spiced Apple Cider


Hot apple cider is a favorite drink for many and this four-ingredient recipe is one you’ll come back to every year. ​It’s nonalcoholic, so anyone can enjoy it and it warms up quickly, filling your home with the cozy aroma of cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg.

Whether you’re hosting a fall harvest private party or looking for a comforting drink to enjoy on a chilly night, apple cider offers many possibilities. Pick up some fresh-pressed cider from a local orchard and enjoy a taste of the season.

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