Gorgeous Cake Ideas For This Year Christmas Celebration Plan

Even Christmas still away, you can plan the best cake for this year’s special celebration. Want to know how to make Christmas desserts that are gorgeous to behold and also scrumptious to eat? Look no further than our winning recipe collection of beautiful crowd-pleasing Christmas cakes that you can be proud to serve any holiday celebration. Let’s check it out!

Classic Chocolate Yule Log

Source: bakingwithgranny.co.uk

The festive classic chocolate yule log called a Buche de Noel by the French is a true classic for Christmas and Boxing Day. It might not be the easiest dessert to make, but the results are worth it. A rich, decadent Swiss roll is filled with vanilla-flavored whipped cream, fashioned into a log that’s topped with icing sugar, chocolate shavings, and your choice of Christmas-themed toppings (try these cute meringue mushrooms!).

Tiramisu Cake

Source: pinterest.de

Create a beautiful cake boasting the flavors of classic Italian tiramisu with this clever dessert that starts with a boxed angel cake mix. Add strong, brewed black coffee, cream cheese, coffee liqueur, an easy frosting made with frozen whipped topping, and finish this delicious tiramisu cake with a fudgy chocolate glaze.

Turtle Cheesecake

Source: pinterest.ca

With its combination of sweet chocolate, crunchy pecans, and gooey caramel, turtle candy is a favorite stocking stuffer at Christmas time. This divinely decadent turtle cheesecake recreates these flavors by nestling them inside a classic graham cracker crust to form a Christmas dessert that is sure to be a hit.

Red Velvet Cake

Source: foodffs.tumblr.com

Red velvet cake is as striking visually as it is delicious. There’s just something about that deep, red cake against the cream cheese frosting. This┬ácake makes a gorgeous visual statement on your holiday table. This classic recipe produces a dense, yet moist chocolate cake with a deep red color that contrasts strikingly against a luscious white cream cheese frosting.

Neapolitan Ice Cream Cake

Source: yummiestfood.xyz

This stunning ice cream cake is a guaranteed show-stopper. With a homemade brownie base topped with store-bought ice creams, its impressive looks belie its ease of preparation, guaranteed to impress, while saving time during the busy holiday season. It’s incredibly easy to use a blend of your favorite vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice creams and set them into a gorgeous layered cake.

Lemon Mascarpone Layer Cake

Source: pinterest.cl

Part holiday trifle, part layer cake, this lovely lemon mascarpone layer cake has something for everyone to love and makes a stunning presentation at the table. Layers of lemon sponge cake are soaked in zesty, sweetened lemon syrup, with delicious citrus and mascarpone cream in between.

So, which one will be your one of the cake to serve this Christmas? Please your crowd when you hold the Christmas party at home. Make your masterpiece for this year’s magic and Christmas bless!

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