Heal Your Neck Pain With Magical Yoga Poses

Working all day often makes us forget that our bodies also need to be relaxed so as not to keep tense. Shoulder and neck pain may be a serious problem that can interfere with our work in the future.

So you can start to take some time to do yoga poses to overcome and prevent shoulder and neck pain. You can try yoga daily because it’s the best way to keep your mind and body in great shape, but practicing at least once a week will improve considerably your state of mind and it will get you rid of that sore and stiff neck.


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The Sukhasana or the Easy Pose can be done just about anywhere. When this asana is combined with a gentle ear-to-shoulder movement on both your right and left sides, it facilitates the lateral movement of the neck. It also stretches down to the trapezius and the shoulder muscles. Ensure that your spine is straight while you practice this.


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There is no doubt that the Gomukhasana, or the Cow Face Pose, is extremely beneficial. When it comes to a catch or pain in your neck, it is the stretch of the arms and shoulders that work to advantage. It helps to relieve the strain in the neck muscles, allowing ease of movement in the neck. With this asana, all the trapped stress in your neck is released.

Marjariasana And Bitilasana

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These two asanas, popularly called the Cow-Cat Pose, are done together. The movement makes it a gentle up-and-down flowing posture that flexes the entire spine. It gives the neck and back of the torso a wonderful stretch. It is an easy movement that creates space through the whole expanse of the neck.

Ardha Matsyendrasana

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This seated twist is a great detox that also makes the spinal column more flexible. It massages the inner organs and also induces side-to-side flexibility in the neck.


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The Balasana or the Child’s Pose is a resting pose. Apart from reducing stress and tension, it deeply relaxes the back and neck.


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The Shavasana is the ultimate restorative pose in yoga. It relieves stress and instills a state of peace and calm in both your mind and body. It is also at this time when the body adjusts to the physiological changes that the different poses bring about. It is in this pose that the neck completely heals.

If you’ve taken steps to relieve neck pain and it’s not getting better, or if your pain becomes worse or severe, see your doctor. Neck pain that’s accompanied by numbness, loss of strength in the arms or hands, or throbbing pain in the shoulder or under the arm are also signs you should see your doctor.

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