Healthy Fruits And Vegetable Chips With Free-Oil Process

Instead of reaching for that bag of fried, greasy potato chips, try some fruit or vegetable chips. Baked produce chips are a great way to eat more vitamins and minerals, but still, get that satisfying crunch you crave while binging on movie marathon. Below, 6 best fruit and veggie chip recipes you can whip up tonight!

Salt & Vinegar Sweet Potato Chips


If you’re going to snack smart this season, you’ll need to ditch anything that involves a fryer, and that means your favorite salt & vinegar potato chips. But don’t worry, with this Salt & Vinegar Sweet Potato Chips recipe you won’t have to completely give up your favorite snack. Baked rather than fried, these healthy sweet potatoes are tossed in malt vinegar and a dash of salt. Crunchy, salty, vinegary, and slightly sweet, you’ll love this potato chip alternative.

Sea Salt And Black Pepper Parsnip Chips


If you’re trying to be good before Thanksgiving rolls around, you’ll need to ditch these delicious chips.¬†Parsnips are similar to potato chips, so they take on the seasoning nicely. They’re also baked and homemade which means they’re healthier. After a handful of these guys and you may stick with this version for good.

Healthy Baked Carrot Chips


Another excellent root veggie substitution for potato chips are these Healthy Baked Carrot Chips. Subbing carrots for potatoes, you can ditch the carbs and load up on vitamins in the most delicious way. Salt, curry powder, garlic, vinegar, or whatever else you fancy will go good with the natural sweetness of the carrot. Baked until crunchy, this chip is an excellent alternative. And when those midnight snack cravings strike, you won’t feel so bad about giving in.

Taro Chips


Taro chips are cooked until crunchy with a dash of salt and spice if you like. For a healthier option, bake the taro chips rather than frying. You can also swap out olive oil for coconut oil for added flavor. Loaded with vitamins and fiber, taro chips are not only good but good for you.

Baked Garlic Spinach Chips


A bottomless bag of potato chips is no problem when the potato is subbed for spinach. For easy cleanup, take a bag of spinach and pour in couple tablespoons of olive oil and fresh garlic. Shake it up, bake, and then serve. For a bonus, add some cayenne or paprika for an extra kick.

Hippie Dust Kale Chips


Hippie dust may sound all too healthy, but really all it is is nutritional yeast, garlic powder, and salt. Sprinkle that over kale that’s been massaged with a touch of olive oil and then bake. Before prepping the kale, be sure it is completely dry. If it’s wet, the chips won’t crisp and they’ll be soggy, and nobody likes a soggy chip.

See? Making your own vegetable chips is very easy, whether you fry or bake them. Plus, you get to pick what vegetables and seasonings you want to use for your homemade veggie chips.

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