Healthy Sweet Dessert Ideas Loaded With Pieces Of Vegetables

You’d never expect vegetables and dessert to ever go together, but these recipes prove that fact wrong. In fact, adding certain vegetables is a sneaky way to score more nutritious vitamins and minerals into your daily routine. And you would never know, since because the desserts still taste delicious. Here are a few of veggie-loaded dessert recipes—and if you can’t enough of these treats!

Lightened Carrot Cake


Carrot cake is one of those special exceptions of having your cake and eating it, too. On one hand, it’s a deliciously sweet dessert, but you’re also reaping nutrition courtesy of carrots. Carrots are high in vitamin, helps promote great skin and oral health, protects the heart, boosts immunity, and more.

Red Velvet Beetroot Brownies


Beetroot doesn’t just give these brownies a pretty color. It contains betalain pigments, which serve as antioxidants and anti-inflammatory molecules. And they aren’t the only vegetable hidden in this recipe. White beans are also mixed into the brownie mix for a kick of fiber.

Maple Glazed Pumpkin Muffins


C’mon, we have to acknowledge that pumpkin is one of the best veggies to sneak in the dessert. It’s a fat-burning gourd with more fiber and protein than sugar. While these muffins look like complete calorie bombs, this recipe uses olive oil and maple syrup for a lighter dessert that could also totally pass for breakfast.

Gluten-Free Zucchini Cake


Zucchini is another vegetable that can be cooked in many ways. In this recipe, zucchini adds moisture while that crumbly texture makes a coffee cake so great. It’s absolutely incredible, moist, hearty, slightly crumbly, sweet, and delicious. That’s where.

Black Bean and Avocado Fudge Chip Brownies


You’re probably looking at this recipe and thinking why there is black bean inside the brownies. Black beans and avocados give these brownies a lower fat content, plus some extra fiber and anthocyanins (the antioxidant that boosts brain function) from the black beans. What a bunch of smart cookies, er, brownies!

Raspberry Lemon Blondie Wedges


While raspberries and lemons are the stars of these delightful blondies, beets totally steal the show. This recipe calls for half a cup of beet puree, contributing to the blondies’ pretty-in-pink color. These blondies are super sweet and full of fresh fruit flavors, just without the refined sugar, artificial flavorings, and food coloring… enjoy!

Don’t you think that vegetables can be a sweet dessert? Now you can make not only the new face of dessert but also healthy dessert bites for your family.  Even there is some vegetable pieces, you just can taste the delicious and creamy in a bite.

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