Heart Warming Hot Chocolate Ideas To Drink Saturday Night

There are many ways to make hot chocolate as well. From new ways to spice up your average cocoa to recipes from around the world, we have fun and delicious recipes for the entire family. We’ll even show you a few tasty ways to transform this favorite beverage into tempting hot cocktails. Or if you’re feeling like something more substantial, try this decadent hot cocoa-inspired mug cake.

Old-Fashioned Hot Chocolate

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One of the first recipes that you will want to try is an old-fashioned hot chocolate. It is simple, takes just a few more minutes than a packet of cocoa, and is delightfully lush and creamy. For this recipe, you will need unsweetened chocolate. Melt that into the milk as it warms and adds a little sugar and vanilla.

Authentic Mexican Hot Chocolate

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Also called chocolate Caliente, authentic Mexican hot chocolate requires a very special type of chocolate. Chocolate de mesa is dark cacao flavored with sugar and cinnamon and the spice adds an instant upgrade to this favorite drink. The chocolate can be found at many stores and some brands offer options with even more spices added.

Viennese Hot Chocolate

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The word “luscious” can barely begin to describe Viennese hot chocolate. It is perfectly thick and the most comforting drink for chilly nights. Best of all, it requires just three common ingredients. A full six ounces of semi-sweet chocolate is required for this recipe. The secret to its rich thickness is the addition of an egg yolk.

El Submarino

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El Submarino comes from Argentina and it’s a fun, interactive way to enjoy your hot chocolate. It’s definitely one you have to try with the kids. For this recipe, you’ll hold off on the chocolate and simply warm milk, sugar, and vanilla. Serve that in a mug along with a piece of your favorite dark chocolate bar.

Dairy-Free Hot Chocolate

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The key to pulling off a dairy-free hot chocolate is smart shopping. You’ll need to find dark chocolate that’s made without milk, then pick up your favorite soymilk. The sugar and vanilla add to the flavor and sweeten it up perfectly, so you will not be missing a thing.

Red Velvet Hot Chocolate

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Red velvet lovers, rejoice! Now you can enjoy the taste of your favorite cake in a steaming mug of sweet and delicious hot chocolate. This rich, creamy red velvet flavored hot chocolate drink has all the decadent deliciousness and exciting color of a red velvet cake. Best of all, it’s topped with a frosting-like cream cheese whipped cream!

When it’s cold outside, and a steaming mug of rich, sweet hot chocolate is everyone’s favorite warm winter drink! But why should you be satisfied with just a single, yummy hot chocolate recipe? Whether you want to add a splash of topping or gift your hot chocolate concoction, we’ve got a hot chocolate here to delight every palate, and warm every tummy.

Noval Vexecyn

Noval Vexecyn