Herbs And Spices As Natural Seasoning

Western herbs and spices are commonly found around the world. They can be sugar and salt substitutes. You only need to add spices and herbs into your food and the taste will be great.  Some herbs and spices are unfamiliar to us. The various herbs and spices may confuse you.  Let’s check what are the herbs and spices you should know,

01. Basil

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Exuding a sweet and earthy aroma, basil is one of the most commonly used herbs in the kitchen. Also offering its flavorful appearance in pesto, the herb pairs well with a number of meat dishes, vegetables, and soups. Available on the market basil in the form of still fresh or dry.

02. Cinnamon

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Described as woody and sweet taste, cinnamon is popular for its warm contribution in a number of spiced desserts and breakfast items, including this cinnamon apple pancake recipe. However, cinnamon can also serve double duty in savory dishes in braised dishes and soups further described here.

03. Cloves

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Adding cloves to your food by putting them whole or crushed first. If the cloves are crushed, it will definitely emit a stronger aroma. In addition, cloves can also be mashed to be added to the cake mixture.

04. Nutmeg

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Nutmeg can be stored in a closed jar or an open container for long periods or even years. Nutmeg should be stored in dry conditions in the form of whole or ground powder. Using nutmeg for your cook is also quite easy. Nutmeg only needs to be crushed or shredded and then ground again with other fine herbs. Another way is to save the nutmeg and sprinkle it in cooking

05. Oregano

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Usually, this herb is used in pizza making. The delicious aroma in pizza is from oregano. Oregano is also widely served with other Italian foods such as pasta, soup, salads, and steaks.

06. Rosemary

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Rosemary has a very distinct, strong flavor that is minty, cooling and somewhat balsamic. The aroma is just as strong and has hints of eucalyptus. Rosemary works well with meats of all kinds, especially lamb, pork, veal, and wild game. It also works well with dairy-based foods such as cream cheese, butter, and cream sauces.

07. Thyme

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Thyme has a similar appearance to parsley. Used in both its fresh and dried forms, thyme offers a subtle yet savory note to a number of soups, stews, and roasted dishes. In addition to rosemary in the skewer recipe provided above, thyme further compliments the meat.

That’s all several herbs and spices you should know. Healthy cooking is not only about healthy vegetables and meat but also spices itself. Having low calories food leads to a low risk of diseases.

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