Homemade Air Freshener From Natural Ingredients For Your House

Smells are everywhere in our home. What do you do with a kitchen that reeks of fish and garlic? Or a bathroom that doesn’t smell like a bouquet of flowers? Before reaching for an air freshener that may contain potentially harmful ingredients to you and the planet.

Take a deep breath and consider using a do-it-yourself, green alternative. Here are the top green air freshener ideas and recipes that are easy, cost-friendly, effective, and use simple ingredients often found in your kitchen pantry.

Coffee Powder

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Wake up to the idea of using coffee to combat odors. Whether you grind it, brew it, or bake some beans in the oven, its smell is sure to enliven your senses and absorb odors, such as onions and garlic. Try setting out a few bowls of fresh ground coffee. Or, before offensive smells, like the trash, affect the whole room, place coffee grounds at the bottom of a new garbage bag.


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Cinnamon is known as a spice that is effective to relieve toothache, relieve menstrual cramps, and prevent diabetes. The delicious aroma can also be used as a natural air freshener. You do this by heating the cinnamon using an aromatherapy furnace, or by placing it around a lit candle. Another way is to boil cinnamon sticks and let the aroma fill the room.


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Lemongrass is usually used to cook such as meat or soup. The aroma is believed to add delicious dishes and can neutralize the fishy aroma of meat. In addition to delicious food, lemongrass can also be processed into drinks that maintain pancreatic health. Lemongrass stems that are strong enough can be a natural room deodorizer by drying the stems and leaves, then soaking in water. You can spray water in the living room to increase the freshness of the room.

Fresh Herbal Bouquets

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Lend a herbaceous scent to any room by placing freshly snipped herbs, such as geranium, peppermint, rosemary, and lavender, in tied bouquets or in small bud vases. They are especially attractive when placed in odd-numbered groupings (e.g., three or five) on a dining room table.


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The aroma of vanilla not only arouses appetite, but it can also calm our minds. For natural scent room usage, you can boil water containing vanilla scent boosters or pour it on a heated aromatherapy furnace.

That’s all the natural ingredients to make the room scent better and fresh. You can save more money by using the ingredients in your kitchen. Refresh your rooms with the natural scent of nature!

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