Homemade Healthy Sushi Rolls With Healthy Ingredients For You

Dining out for sushi can be a real obstacle when you are on a diet. Between the deep-fried tempura and sugary sauces, some of the most popular rolls can spell complete diet sabotage. The good news is that you can avoid the extra fat, calories, and simple carbs by whipping up your own healthy sushi at home. Rolling homemade sushi isn’t just a way to be healthier either. It’s a great way to try new flavor combinations and a fun activity for the whole family.

Rainbow Roll

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Since there seems to be everything from rainbow lattes to rainbow grilled cheese out there, why not follow the trend by Instagramming a Rainbow Roll? In this dish, a colorful variety of fish sits atop a bed of nori, rice, crab, and avocado. Although this is higher in calories than other rolls, it is filled with protein and contains no sugar or sodium-filled additives.

Veggie Rolls

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If fish isn’t your thing but you don’t want to completely miss out on all the sushi hype, order a roll packed with veggies. With the increasing number of vegetarians and vegans in the world, more and more restaurants are adding veg-head friendly options to their menus. Although cucumber rolls and avocado rolls seem to be most popular, they may taste pretty bland. Munch on some extra flavor by throwing in jalapeños, scallions, or any sort of fruit you see on the menu.

Hand Rolls

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Not feeling pieces of sushi? Go for a healthy hand roll with crispy seaweed or rice paper on the outside, your choice of fish, and minimal rice on the inside. Dietician Alina Petre says to turn to temaki (hand rolls) when you don’t want to consume too much rice.

Brown Rice Rolls

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For starters, opt for the brown rice. It is tastier than white rice and it also has a lot of good nutrients – most importantly fiber, and you can never get enough fiber. You can add more veggies to your roll to up the health benefits. Cucumbers, avocado, carrots. The more veggies, the more vitamins, and the less space in the roll for fattening alternatives like cream cheese or fried tempura.

Salmon Rolls

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Sushi is typically low-calorie dining out option but which fish pack the most nutrients into each bite? When ordering, go for salmon or tuna, both have a ton of Omega-3s, which are healthy unsaturated fats. Not to mention they have protein, which keeps you full and satisfied. Fill up with this hearty Salmon Sushi Rolls and reap the benefits of salmon including protein, Omega-3s, and of course, deliciousness.

Shrimp Tempura Rolls

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This recipe for shrimp tempura roll is crispy shrimp with avocado and cucumber, all wrapped up in seasoned rice. Making sushi at home is actually quite fun and easy to do! These shrimp tempura rolls were a big hit with the whole family. It’s a great way to introduce sushi to kids since there’s no raw fish, and if you keep a box of tempura shrimp in the freezer you can whip up some sushi whenever the craving arises.

Sound intimidating? It’s not as tricky as you think. Your rolls may not be perfect the first couple of times around, but with a little bit of practice and the right sushi recipes, you can become your own personal sushi chef at home.

Noval Vexecyn

Noval Vexecyn