Homemade Kids Pleasing Snacks For After School Activity

After a long day of school and learning, kids are hungry when they get home. Give them something yummy to fill up those hungry tummies, with this collection of our favorite after school snacks that kids love, and parents can feel good about serving.

Unicorn Pop-Tarts

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This recipe for unicorn pop tarts plays on Kellogg’s classic breakfast treat. The colorful pastry crust holds sweetened cream cheese and rainbow sprinkles. With vanilla glaze and more rainbow sprinkles, this homemade version tastes best enjoyed fresh from the oven.

Homemade Sweet Potato Chips

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Store-bought vegetable chips are delicious and make a popular after school snack, but they’re often heavy in sodium. Why not make your own homemade sweet potato chips for kids to enjoy after school, with this simple recipe? Making them is easier than you think, and sweet potatoes are an excellent source of healthy B vitamins.

Quick Microwave Nachos

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Kids adore cheesy nachos, and these quick, five-minute quick microwave nachos make the perfect after-school snack. They are fast and easy to prepare, and you can adjust this recipe in plenty of different ways to suit your kids’ tastes, with the ideas included here.

Easy Tuna Melts

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Easy tuna melts make a nutritious and filling snack idea for after school. Kids love these open-face sandwiches that are filled with tangy tuna salad, mounded on sliced English muffins, and topped with sliced tomatoes and cheese. A quick trip under the broiler to melt the cheese and they’re ready to eat at the kitchen table or in front of the TV. This recipe can also make an easy weeknight meal for busy families if you double up on the ingredients.

Fairy Bread

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Fairy bread is super fun for kids, and you’ll love that it’s incredibly easy. Underneath that layer of colorful sprinkles is nothing more than white bread and butter. There’s no cooking or fuss to this recipe, so you can make any afternoon magical for your little ones.

Fruity Popcorn

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Fruity popcorn is a fun and delicious popcorn treat featuring salty nuts and popcorn covered in a light, crunchy candy coating that is bursting with fruit flavor. The fruit flavor comes from Jell-O, so you have a wide variety of flavors to choose from when making this easy treat. Kids will shout for fruity popcorn as an after school snack, at sleepovers, and on family television nights.

Whether your kids head straight to the TV or computer after school or need a quick snack before lessons and extra-curricular activities, these awesome, popular after school snack recipes are great for keeping children satisfied until dinner time.

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