Homemade Snacks To Accompany You Working From Home

With the virus outbreaks around the world, the advisories issued by the World Health organization many companies decided to do “remote working” or working from home. However at the same time, working from home can present a unique set of challenges including distractions, a less productive work environment and hampering eating habits further impacting health and diet.

Sometimes it’s hard to stay healthy while working from home. But with a few simple changes to your daily routine, working from home and staying healthy can go together symbiotically. Below is the list of healthy snacks that you can munch while working from home.

Air Fryer Potato Latkes Bites

Source: thisoldgal.com

This is made with potatoes and onions are crispy on the outside and soft and luscious on the inside. Crispy, yet soft on the inside, puffs of delicious Potatoes, this Air Fryer Potato Latkes Bites recipe is as traditional as they come. All the traditional ingredients are used, including Oil.

Stuffed Potato Cakes

Source: elavegan.com

These vegan potato cakes are stuffed with mushrooms, veggies, and vegan cheese. This amazing comfort meal is perfect for lunch or just for snacking. The recipe is vegan (dairy-free), gluten-free, and easy to make. With the use of mushrooms, veggies, and vegan cheese. And the result really convinced me.

Baked Cinnamon Cream Cheese Roll-Ups

Source: www.kyleecooks.com

This Baked Cinnamon Cream Cheese Roll-Ups recipe is a simple process that yields an amazing churro-like breakfast treat. 20 minutes in the oven (if you can wait that long) to dig into these. Just some cream cheese mixed with powdered sugar, bread (with the crusts removed), melted butter and cinnamon sugar. That’s it!

Crab Rangoon

Source: dinnerthendessert.com

Crab rangoon is crab and cream cheese wontons pinched into little purses and deep-fried, these are the perfect Chinese restaurant copycat recipe served with sweet and sour sauce or sweet chili sauce. The recipe is also incredibly easy to make and prepare for the future. Once the wontons are stuffed and closed you can freeze them before frying.

Baked Tofu Fries

Source: createmindfully.com

These addictive Baked Tofu Fries are crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside. When extra firm tofu is baked, it becomes crispy on the outside while staying soft on the inside. When you add spices, the tofu takes on those flavors. Even tofu haters will love them.

The Best Vegan & Gluten-Free Churros

Source: nmmeiyee.com

This easy homemade churros recipe is very easy to make with just a few ingredients, anyone can make it at home. It is vegan and gluten-free churros. The flour used is gluten-free and if you want to make it sugar-free, you may add maple syrup or honey instead of sugar.

So, those all the homemade snacks that you can make during your work from home. You can make the snacks ahead or before you start to do your work. Working from home can be so boring, you can use spare time to relax yourself by cooking your favorite food or snacks.

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